Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen MC, #3)

by Tillie Cole


"We are Flame and Maddie. And we have survived." 

This book slowly devoured me, broke me, killed me, then breathed new life into me as all the hurt, all the fear for such a deeply broken character faded into one of beauty and warmth. This is the sort of book that pushes your limitations but at the same time makes you realise that even in darkness there is strength, and in beauty there is light. Nobody is unsalvageable, because even those with the deepest scars can find themselves when burying the past, slamming the door to a vast well of abhorrent secrets and pain.

This book is the equivalent of ripping off a band aid knowing it's going to hurt like fuck but in time the old wounds will heal. Scars are but a map of a life journey and in Flame's case it is marred with horrific abuse. My heard bled for him, his past terrifying and sadly still haunting him daily, but like Flame, the most beautiful of balms comes in the form of another survivor of the order; the cursed female, Maddie.

Like Flame, the fear of her past has left her lost and broken, but the one they call Psycho, the one she should fear above all others, is the only one who seems to understand as he paces, day after day, night after night outside her window. A saviour hidden in the shadows, and one she desperately seeks to expose.

Flame and Maddie are like two sides of the same coin, forged in light and darkness. only Maddie can douse the Flames as they fall into a precarious yet insightful and atoning relationship built on trust.

Deeply dark, intense and emotional. Souls Uncaptured is a rise from the ashes story that instils hope even in the aftermath of carnage. An incredible third instalment of the Hades Hangmen series. You need big knickers and a head for violence. Get passed that, and this series will quite literally blow your mind.

Kelly  - 5 Crowns

"For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…"

Labeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth, Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands of The Order’s most abusive elder, Moses. Now living with her sister in The Hangmen’s secluded compound, finally, Maddie, is free. Free from the suffocating faith she no longer believes in. Free from endless years of physical and mental torment.

Just… free…

At age twenty-one, the timid and shy Maddie is content to live within the confines of her new home—safe from the outside world, safe from harm and, strangely, protected by the Hangmen’s most volatile member; the heavily pierced and tattooed, Flame. 


The man who ceaselessly watches over her with his midnight dark and searing eyes. The man who protects her with a breath-taking intensity. And the man who stirs something deep within her numbed heart.  

But when circumstances conspire for Flame to need HER help, Maddie bravely risks it all for the broken man who has captivated her fragile soul. 

The Hangmen’s most infamous member, Flame, is ruled by one thing—anger. Plagued by haunting demons from his past, an all-consuming rage, and isolated by an abhorrent hatred of being touched, Flame's days are filled with suffocating darkness, pierced only by a single ray of light—Maddie. The shy, beautiful woman he cannot purge from his thoughts. The woman he has an overwhelming need to possess… 
... the only person who has ever been able to touch him. 

Flame’s mission in life is to protect Maddie, to keep her safe. Until a trigger from his troubled past sends him spiraling into madness, trapping him in the deepest recesses of his disturbed mind. 

His Hangmen brothers fear that Flame is beyond saving.  

His only hope of salvation: Maddie and her healing light.

Emma  - 5 Crowns

This book seriously doesn't disappoint!! Full review to follow!!

Elizabeth  - 5 Crowns



My heart is shattered


Tillie Cole, You brilliant evil woman.


You shredded my soul...


left it bleeding...


I don't own enough tears, 


for the tears I have shed for


FLAME has stolen every one left in me.



He is the most broken and beautiful soul I have ever read about.


There is no other like him... He is the one I need to wrap my soul around and never let go.



Maddie.. she is breathtakingly perfect for Flame.


There are no other two souls ever written about that belong together more than 


Maddie and Flame.


The atrocities that these two have witnesses, lived, and survived literally had me sobbing.


How there is even the slightest light left within them to guide them to each other, 


is beyond my comprehension.


The first time they were even able to touch... just a finger... to a finger...


was the most profound moment ever.


Tillie Cole will filet your heart and soul with Souls Unfractured.


Are you brave enough to trust her to heal you as well?


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