Sophie's Turn by Nicky Wells

Kelly - 4

‘Rock Guys are viagra for my soul’ – Sophie Penhalligan

Sophie Penhalligan is just like any other teenager growing up in her hometown of Newquay, Cornwall. Her bedroom walls are adorned with posters of her favourite rock band, TUSCQ, and her dreams revolve around one day meeting the singer, Dan, and making him all her own - the singer with a voice like velvet. Her musings however take an ornamental turn when her dream actually bares some truth at nineteen.

Attending a more ‘intimate’ gig in the Bristol area, Sophie manages to meet the band and also gets an invitation to join them in Edinburgh a few weeks later. When Dan starts to take an interest in Sophie, her dreams remain just that when she turns him down, as her dreams did not include one-off sex on a tour bus, and so holding onto her virtue and her heart, she leaves the next morning, never to contact the band again.

Ten years later, and now a journalist for Read London newspaper, Sophie is about to embark on a flight to New York for a conference, when she encounters Darren, the guitarist of TUSCQ, who advises her that the band have reformed, and are playing smaller venues in the London area and have renamed their little project, Splat! Darren’s news sparks Sophie’s interest, and she takes it upon herself to check out her old favourite band on her return.

Old feelings emerge and sparks fly between Dan and Sophie again, as he invites her out for dinner. All this sounds romantic and innocent enough, however Sophie is already in a relationship with Tim, an accountant, who is one minute loving, next minute sulky, and in all honesty, a little drab. On their second anniversary, instead of proposing like she thought, he had the sudden urge to protect his garden lettuces to the ever-invading slug population.

Tim, however, does propose eventually, and Sophie says ‘Yes’, after all, Tim is safe, trustworthy and hard-working – Perfect husband material.

Nevertheless, Dan isn’t giving up, and cunningly devises a plan for Sophie to go on the reunion tour with TUSCQ, and be the official tour news columnist, as her news desk job for Read London poses the perfect opportunity for her to spread her wings and become a well-respected journalist within the entertainment industry. Mission accomplished, now he just has to prove that Sophie is hiding her true colours, and Tim is no good for her, but he gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love, and puts an engagement ring on her finger – the same finger where Tim put his.

With the support from her best friend, Sophie knows she has a very difficult decision to make, but one that will question her morals, ethics, and a stunning realisation that who she thought she was, isn’t quite who she wants to be.

Follow this extraordinary journey, of a thirty-something English woman, who at times had me laughing my arse off. Her musings and personality reminded me very much of Bridget Jones and her love of cliché’s made me giggle, especially ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour,’ mentality.

This is an impeccably written novel which in turn is a fun, easy-read chick-lit that was very entertaining. As a girl deriving from London myself, it was a refreshing change to read something that I could totally relate to, as I also hail from the Tooting area. I will definitely read the sequel, Sophie’s Run, as it will be interesting to see what kind of a pickle she gets herself into next time.

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