Sophie's Run (Rock Star Romance, #2) by Nicky Wells

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BOOK REVIEW: Sophie’s Run (Rock Star Romance, #2) – Nicky Wells

I was much more sophisticated and worldly-wise. Well possibly, a little bit. I could be serene, and poised, and elegantly glamorous with the best of them, I applauded myself inwardly, skilfully shooting an olive across the restaurant while trying to spear it with a toothpick. - Sophie Penhalligan.

Ah, how can you not love Sophie? She’s like a breath of literary fresh air. She’s quirky, uncomplicated, reliable, ditzy, independent and totally loveable. She’s like Bridget Jones without the weird Mother. So, naturally, it’s only right that things get turned on their head in this next chapter of Sophie’s story.


With Sophie and Dan’s relationship hitting new ‘bestie’ heights, it’s apparently obvious to Sophie and all around that it’s time to move on and find her perfect man. Her dreams are finally answered when she locks eyes with Steve; a fellow church choir member. Although her lightning moment has stuck, Steve’s choir schedule is patchy, and she wonders how long it will be before she sees him again.

With her 30th Birthday celebrations in full swing with best friends, Dan and Rachel, baring gifts, a beautiful cake, with a jolly crowd and good music, all is well, that is until an electrical fault puts a dampener on the whole parade. When her Tooting flat goes up in smoke, it leaves her only one option: To stay with Dan at his more than ample London abode.

Dan is ever the attentive friend but with his tight work schedule and ‘conquest playtime,’ Sophie finds herself often alone, occasionally waking up to find a new pretty face at the breakfast table.

Still, her insurance premiums are valid and her flat is getting an overhaul – Sophie Penhalligan, forever looking on the bright side…

And things do start to look up, but when one part of your life starts to finally go right, it doesn’t stop the other part going cataclysmically wrong.

…And that is when everything changes.

A distressed friend, a fatal health scare, a romantic getaway that ends in disaster and the ultimate of best friend betrayal’s later and Sophie loses all sense of composure as she makes an extreme but life-altering decision.

Follow Sophie on her extraordinary new journey as she makes a ‘Run’ for it, in order to find herself again and remember the things that truly matter.


I very much enjoyed Sophie’s Run; it had a stronger storyline and bigger plot than Sophie’s Turn, making it the perfect sequel. We are introduced to pivotal new characters, which were very welcomed, especially Steve and Geetje.

I was concerned about how I would take to a new love interest. I guess a part of me always felt that Dan and Sophie were destined for each-other but Nicky gave us yet another loveable leading male in the form of a male nurse called Steve and I connected to him immediately. He was kind and tentative and I felt he more suited to our heroine than our favourite rock star, although that pains me to admit.

I expected the betrayal, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t a shock in all honesty, but there was a scene that had me gripping onto my seat for dear life because I honestly didn’t see that one coming, it brought a tear to my eye and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter as I don’t want to give anything away.

If you are looking for impeccable writing, faultless scene structure and great 'plot' flow, you can’t go far wrong with this series.

And, yes... the ending...


Ah, I must have resembled a cheshire cat. What a way to end this story; it’s not quite a cliff-hanger, but it certainly gave an impression that book 3 is going to give our heroine a few more challenges. I just hope she is ready. ;)


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