Sophie's Encore (Rock Star Romance, #3) by Nicky Wells


Her rock star is waiting in the wings, but will he get a second chance?


It’s all change for Sophie Jones—only this time, there is more at stake than just her happiness.


Rock star extraordinaire, Dan Hunter, has been her patient and caring friend through the highs and lows since her wedding day, but now he figures it is time for her to start over. By stealth, the rock singer draws Sophie into the behind-the-scenes work for his band’s latest album. Through the days and weeks spent together at the mixing desk, Sophie discovers whole new horizons for her life, yet before she can even begin to explore them, she faces the very real threat of losing her rock star for good.


Join Sophie and Dan in Sophie’s Encore to find out how their journey will end…


Kelly - 5 crowns

It has been seventeen years since my fateful train journey to Edinburgh to visit the band backstage after they extended a random invitation at a gig a few days previously. For more than twenty years, Tuscq had provided the musical backdrop to my life, seeing me through the highs and the lows, whether they had known it or not. I was thirty-six years old, and yet Dan and his band still made me feel like a teenager. - Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones proves she's got what it takes to make it in a world that, at times, has not always been particularly kind. Her life has had it fair share of ‘life-altering’ moments, from the house fire on her thirtieth Birthday, to the confusion and heartbreak over her ex partners, to being a crutch for her once suicidal best friend; she remained the levelheaded strong one. The woman whom everyone came to for support and advice. The woman who, after many years of unconventional fails, finally found her home in the arms of a Hospital Nurse named Steve. 

At the end of book two, we are awarded the delights of Sophie donning a wedding dress and marrying the man of her dreams. The author hinted on many occasions that our Rock Star, Mr Dan Hunter still held a strong affection for his ex-lover and best friend, and yet we are lead to believe that nothing would ever come of it. I resigned myself to the fact that Sophie’s story, although not complete, would hold an air of forbidden desires better left untouched as she moved on with her new spouse into the folds of matrimonial bliss.

Enter chapter one of Sophie’s Encore and I can honestly say, I never expected the events to unfold as they did. Talk about a red herring! My face must have been a picture as the shock slowly registered. I resembled a fish gasping for air as my mouth continued to open and close of its own accord. While shouting most unladylike...


There were times I wanted to hold you baby girl and cry with you. There were times I wanted to shake you and tell you to snap out of it, and there were times when I just wanted the old Sophie Penhalligan back...

I have always loved Dan Hunter. Always! But his zealous partying and cliche rock star antics always put a dark cloud over what ‘could’ have been with Sophie many years past. Yet, his feelings for Sophie were never embellished for the sake of being just another ‘rock star romance,’ the union from lover to best friend flowed consistently, forever open and honest.

How many of us are lucky enough to have a rock in our lives? I’m not talking ‘rock’ star either, as Dan proves in this finale, that there is more to him then meets the eye, it just took his best friend to show him how beautiful life is, if you are strong enough to survive it.

“You got me falling,” he said in a low, seductive voice. “I just hope you’ll catch me.”

I can’t tell you anymore without planting some serious spoilers, and every reader who has followed Sophie’s story from the very beginning has earned the right to experience this book like I did. Unattractive gaping fish face be damned!

Sophie Jones is a new woman with a whole new story to tell in what is her final encore, and I strongly recommend you invest in tissues!

Nicky Wells has pulled out all the stops and saved the best till last in Sophie’s Encore, proving she’s certainly got what it takes to enter the ‘Rock Star Romance Writers Hall of Fame.’ If I could give her a shiny platinum disc for her efforts, I would, but it just so happens I am out. Yet, I am fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few who has miraculously earned the right to call her friend, so a big ‘high-five, rock on sister,’ will have to suffice... for now! ;)























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