Someone Else's Fairytale (Someone Else's Fairytale #1)
by Emily Mah Tippetts


Kelly - 4 crowns

A boy meets girl Cinderella love story with a sinister twist.

Chloe Winters isn't your average 21 year old, although she is bright and is training in forensic science, her underlying views on all things fantastical and romantic became stale the moment her life took a dramatic turn for the worst when she was 11. The day she nearly died at the hands of an estranged family member, was the day Chloe vowed to control her own life, and never again let a man get close on any physical level.

...Well, that is until the day some sexy Hollywood hunk from her hometown returns home to shoot a movie at her school.

Immediately, Jason is taken with her honesty, and all the charms in the world will not deter her from showing a lack of interest, given his efforts. Slowly we start to see a friendship blossom, with honesty at the forefront.

When things start to take another turn, and the man that hurt Chloe is released from jail, Jason proves his worth and helps support her through the ordeal, proving once again that his interest in Chloe comes from within, which evidently starts to build a strong foundation, and gradually their friendship turns into something more...

On the downside, Jason's gruelling work commitments prove a hardship, and we watch these two kids struggle with coming to terms with foreign emotions, long distance separation and tabloid press.

This is a great YA story, a very lighthearted read that makes you smile.

I loved Jason, he is perfect boyfriend material, that we do tend to only really find in books, but the escapism was a pleasant one. Chloe grated on me sometimes, she seemed to be quite difficult at times, and her cold nature made me wonder what Jason saw in her, but her past was evidence of this, and therefore understandable. I would have liked to have some further elaboration at the end, but that's a personal preference thing.

There are no intimate moments in this book, except some kissing and canoodling which makes this a great book for teenagers and adults alike, even though a darker subject matter is woven throughout the text like an ugly tapestry, its still an easy, straightforward read.

I am awarding this feel good story a worthy 4 crowns.

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