Sleepless Nights (Wrath MC, #1) by Amanda Heath



I’ve been living two lives for the past seven years.
One with Victor and the other with Damien.

Victor I’ve known all my life. When his parents died he even came to live with my family and I. I was so in love with him. It wasn’t until years into our relationship I started to see the faults in him. Then he went off to Iraq.

Damien was the bad boy biker at our high school. Even while I was with Victor, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Then I got on the back of his bike and I thought I finally found my home. Then Victor came back wounded.

That was all five years ago and now those two lives and my two loves are starting to converge. I don’t know who I am anymore and I don’t know who I want to be with. Though these two guys won’t let me be single for long.

But one of them has gotten me into a lot of trouble with the mob. And now it’s up to the other one to save me. And before you roll your eyes, that statement isn’t what you think. You’ll be surprised who the bad guy really is.

I promise to find my happily ever after, even if it’s at the Wrath MC clubhouse in the arms of an alpha biker or in the high society world where I was born and in the arms of my ex-army man.

Emma - 3.75 Crowns


Book 1 in the new Wrath MC series 

I have to say I was really eager to read this book.. As you know this is my genre; throw in a love triangle and I am in book heaven. But would I be floating in memories of men in leather? Or would I fall to earth with a thud?


Time to find out...

This book tells the story of Ashley, a girl from a privileged background but also someone that has personal issues. The oldest child and sister to three brothers, she has grown up fast and learnt to be tough. Finding herself chucked out of her expensive school and straight into the local public one, she soon catches the eye of Damien, local bad boy and son of the President of the Wrath MC. Ashley though has a long term boyfriend Victor who she has grown up with and is extremely loyal to. However, when Victor informs her that he is shipping off overseas to join the military following and placing his best friend Tallon ahead of her, Ashley questions his loyalty to her and decides it might be time to do something for herself and in particular get to know Damien a little better.

I am going to stop at this point as this is a very complicated story and it would be very easy to start giving away spoilers. It is a love triangle, but a little different as well with Mob links, family ties and of course a scary MC. So on one hand you have Damien otherwise known as Rage, the biker and all round bad boy and then you have Victor, the rich and seemingly perfect boyfriend. Ashley is no good girl though and all is not what it seems in this set up. What I will say is that not everything is as it seems, loyalties will be tested, mistakes will be made and lies told. Amanda Heath has spun a complex tale, so you will need your head in the game to pick your way through it.

I will be honest and say yes I liked this book but I certainly didn't love it. I found it a little over complicated, with too many characters to keep track of. This wasn't helped by an erratic time line, which I will readily admit I'm not a fan of at the best of times. For me it didn't work and confused me further. However my biggest beef was that I felt there was something missing and I soon found out when I looked at the authors back catalogue. This is a new series but a lot of the characters, in particular Ashley's brothers feature in her Make or Break series; I really wished I'd known that going in. Yes, this is a whole new series but the depth the characters lacked and the back stories that I felt were skimmed over were in fact there. If I had known that then I would of read them and I honestly feel that it would have improved my reading experience and thus my rating. I would recommend anyone thinking of 1-clicking this book to consider this before starting Sleepless Nights.

I liked the characters that she has created but again because of the amount of personnel and there twisted, complicated and sometimes confusing connections with each other I found it difficult to feel fully emotionally invested in them. I did like Damien and I also found Tallon and Van to be interesting characters, so I certainly will look forward to seeing where she takes their stories or indeed if she pursues them further.

So I suppose the big questions will be: Do I recommend it, and will I be reading book 2? I will answer them both with a - YES! I think that now I know more about the connections and relationships, the sequel will be an easier, less confusing read. In fact I really look forward to reading Ryan and Lola's story. I can't emphasise enough that you should think about reading the Make or Break series before this book. I will certainly be doing so, and with good ratings I think it will certainly be worth it. 

I commend Amanda Heath for a good, complex and interesting storyline. I just wished that I had connected to the characters a little more.





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