Slave by Sherri Hayes
Kelly - 4 handcuffs


This book isn't quite what I expected, however that isn't a bad thing. I did expect more intel on Brianna's background, but the author was clever in the fact that she left more of it to your imagination and only gave the reader snippets, albeit what we did learn was still repulsive and I felt an overwhelming desire to protect her.

Stephen is everything a real Dominant should be. His number one priority is to protect Brianna, however he didn't expect her to be so broken. His patience starts to pay off towards the end of the book and we start to see a change in Brianna and Stephen too. He never expected to fall in love...

I wasn't keen on the ending, simply because I didn't want it to end. I loved the interaction between the main characters and I wanted to see more of Brianna's rehabiliation and how brave she was finally becoming. What I did like about it though is there is more to come in the next book, which is called 'Need'. So I will definately be purchasing this upon publication as I am really interested in where the author takes these two characters. I will be hoping for more drama, more background story and more interaction.

If you want BDSM steam, you wont get it in this book. This story is a powerful one, but it is a story about saving someone from the depth of true horror and abuse. It's a rehabilitation love story that isn't finalised at the end. This book is a good start to a series, so be prepared to invest in book two, this isn't a one-off read, but don't let this deter you. It's a brilliant book and very gripping.

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