Slash and Burn (Bullet, #5)
by Jade C. Jamison



Is theirs a match made in heaven…or hell? 

Nick Channing, drummer for Fully Automatic, has never taken relationships seriously. He’s had fun and met dozens of women—mostly one-night stands—and he prefers it that way. From his parents to his friends, he’s witnessed love and relationships firsthand and believes women are nothing but a headache. 

Nick, Brad, and Val team up again to launch her new band Val Hella. There’s one problem, though: they still need a bassist. They audition dozens of women, trying to find the perfect one and settle on Sabrina, known onstage simply as Sinna, a bad ass metal head who’s perfect for the band: pierced, tattooed, dressed in black from head to toe, and she handles her bass with precision. She is a force to be reckoned with and Nick is smitten. 

When Nick gets her alone the first time to lay on the charm, he’s met with a coolness he’s never experienced. Sabrina is mysterious and thoroughly unimpressed with Nick and his behavior, and that’s when he decides he has to have her. As he falls headlong for her, he discovers her secrets, one dark shadow at a time. He thinks she loves him back, but he can’t be sure. By the time he’s completely down the rabbit hole, his heart’s so entangled, he fears he might not be able to save himself. Can she save him or will she wreck him for all time? 


Kelly - 4 Crowns


Slash and Burn is a sexy journey of self-discovery, acceptance and love amid the crazy world of rock 'n' roll.

Slash and Burn is the story of Fully Automatic drummer, Nick Channing.

Nick has always been the clown. He knows how to make a girl laugh, getting him more then his fair share of bed partners, but there is one line that Nick doesn't cross, and that is letting someone into his heart. And with good enough reason. He has first-account knowledge of what it's like growing up in a family living a lie - his parents haven't been happy for years, and that is not something he wishes to endure in this lifetime or the next. Emotions are better left under lock and key. But one woman is about to change everything, the day she comes to audition for Val and Brad's new project - Val Hella,

Sabrina is everything Nick could ever dream of. She is not only a great bass player but her 'take no prisoners, bad-ass' persona is a real turn on. Brina may have just been given the opportunity of a lifetime, but her apparent distaste of 'Nicky Sticks' leaves a mark on the man who has sworn off relationships.

With some serious song-writing and studio time, it is impossible for these two opposites to stay apart, and when the tour opens with Last Five Seconds and the band hit the road to show the US what they are made of... one thing leads to another.

But Brina is an enigma. A hard egg to crack. Her cold exterior paves way for confusion and heartache when Nick realises that his heart has entered the fold, and Brina is a closed book. Can she reciprocate the love he feels for her, or are they both destined to crash and burn?


As far as this series goes, it is one of my absolute favourites. Jade C Jamison has proved time and time again that she is the fictitious Queen of Metal. I love her writing; her deep and profound knowledge of the music industry, and her ability to portray musicians with real emotion. Although, in saying that - Slash and Burn cannot be read as a standalone, because unlike Bullet, the first book in the series, it doesn't hold that same character depth and substance, but it works here because this is part of a series, and therefore more of a character filler than a complete standalone, and that is absolutely fine.

We have read time and time again about the flawed rock star finding solace on the road in the arms of another. The notorious bad-boy finally spreading his wings, opening his heart and letting the love of a good woman in. But... Slash and Burn is unlike any of those.

Sabrina isn't the easiest of characters to gel with. There were parts of her character I really liked. She seemed formidable, strong and sexy, but in the next, she was aloof, cold and distant, and I found that side of her character very difficult to warm to.

Nick, oh bless him... for years he has tried to keep his heart out of the equation, and has no hang-ups in admitting he is the biggest manwhore around, to then, finally meeting a girl who he feels destined to love, only to have his affections returned unreciprocated is something he never anticipated - but it's possible 'Sinna' can show him another way.. and just maybe, he finds what he has been looking for all along. ;)

And can I just say... HOT? Whoa! Be prepared for some really sexy scenes, ladies. Nicky Sticks can call me 'babe' anytime!



Elizabeth - 4 Crowns


Awwwwwww... Nicky Nicky Nicky... You can call me babe anytime!


I love Jade's Bullet Series! This one gives you a very hot and sinful story with Sabrina, Val Hella's new bassist. God you just want to like her prickly self. And Nick sure had some hot hot fun with her. But our Nick wants to love and be loved... Can Sabrina give that to him?


Read on my lovelies!!!!





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