Shine Not Burn by Ellie Casey
Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Apparently, i am not living it up here in vegas.. i have read two back to back books about epic nights that ended in marriage... WTH am i doing wrong??!! lol

this story is about Andie...a very controlled attorney with a very very structured life plan

in comes Mack... a pretty OCD cowboy.. but who cares.. he's a hot cowboy!

and... VEGAS!!

ok.. Andie is in Vegas for a bachelorette party for her one of her best friends

ok.. Mack is in (guess where.... yup!) Vegas for his little brothers bachelor party

and yup yup yup.. they meet up at the tables... and flirt flirt flirt.. then drink drink drink.. then holy hotness... a one night stand that yup yup yup ends up in a Vegas Wedding..

fast forward 2 years... and yes.. 2 years.. and noooo they are not happily ever after together after their epic night... 

Andie is however getting married shortly, but oops.. guess what? she is already married and does not remember...

so hop on this cowboy love story and see if true love wins... or is a life plan more important? 

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