Selective/Memory by DD Lorenzo




Darkness Descended…

After tragedy claimed love as its victim, Declan and Aria struggle to move forward alone. They each have endured hurt and devastation inflicted and influenced by circumstance.

Rebuilding Slowly…

Aria’s inner strength is brought to the surface as she regains control of both her emotions and her body, but Declan’s supremacy over her heart is a consequence as a result of loving him so completely.

Blatant Trivialization…

As thoughts of Aria continue to haunt him, Declan attempts to minimize their effect on him using whatever means possible, no matter the effect on himself or its impact on his relationships.

An Agenda of Evil…

Revenge reigns supreme in Marisol’s agenda. Her satisfaction is found in the bitterness she cultivates as she grows in her contempt for Aria and her manipulations of Declan. Will she be successful in total annihilation of two people who have already suffered the crushing weight that sorrow and guilt can deliver?

Join Declan Sinclair and Aria Cole in “Selective/Memory”, Book Two in “The Depth of Emotion” series and witness the conclusion of their story. They will attempt to restructure their individual worlds, but fate continues to intervene by bringing them into the atmosphere of each other. Are they willing to bear love again? Will their emotions sustain the depths that their relationship exposed? Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to sustain a love that will last a lifetime?

Only Fate can Decide…

Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


Positive/Negativity ended in a huge, major... do you hear me? HUGE CLIFFHANGER!!! OMG and the tragedy was heartbreaking.

How two people that are destined to be together can hurt so much, go through their own hells to try and get back on course with destiny. I mean, this is heart in your throat, holding you breath, get your tissues at the ready read. I needed wine... actually scrap that - Tequila, I needed tequila!

And the Evilness that is Marisol returns, she is a force to be reckoned with! The twists and mother effen plot she devises against them, bringing her poison to life. 

I just held my breath and prayed... and willed the inevitable ugliness not to happen.. but it did... and OMG.. you wonder, how will there ever be and HEA???

But Ms. D.D. hasn't set out to completely annhiliate your heart, she squeezes it just enough to make it hurt, but that's only so you can make room to feel the beautiful that is LOVE... Declan and Aria..... WOW!


I love this series, and the sequel did not disappoint at all. I actually thought this was a stronger, more rounded, better exectuted read. It just gets better and better!




Emma - 4.5 Crowns

4.5 Crowns 

Book 2 in the Depth of Emotion series - this is the continuation of Declan and Aria's story and must be read after book 1 Positive/Negative.

Well I have to say, after finishing book 1 I knew that this book was going to be a must read. Book 1 really reached a crescendo and left you wondering whether Declan and Aria would find their way back to each other or whether Marisol had caused a divide that was just to wide.

This book pretty much continues on from the end of book. Aria is struggling to pick herself up from the devastation of not just watching the love of her life mowed down but losing his heart. Declan is also struggling with the limitations of his injuries and his lack of memories that led up to his life changing accident. His career as a model supposedly crushed, he now spends his time working fiercely at the studio and drinking heavily; his life has turned into a carousel of lost love and bitterness.

Will our couple finally rediscover their lost love? forgive each other for the hurt they have caused each other and for words that should never have said? Or will Marisol finally have spread her poison so deeply that they are destined to continue their lives apart.

D.D has really cranked this book right up. I really enjoyed book 1, but although very atmospheric and sometimes poetic it tended to be a little wordy. This book isn't, the atmospheric feel is still there and D.D's beautifully expressive phrasing, but it is a lot more to the point, more action and less unnecessary words. You feel the book building as each chapter passes and you are waiting for Marisol to strike, for Declan to wake up and for Aria to fight for love.

I said it before in my previous review and feel I need to mention it again. The character that D.D has created in Marisol is utterly fantastic. The woman is evil personified and the depths of her depravity are shocking. I HATE her, but am equally in awe of D.D's characterisation of such despicable adversary to both H/h.

So what's next? Well that would be Carter's book. You certainly start to learn more about him in this book. It has left me in a real tizz waiting to see how he rebuilds his life after the death/murder of his childhood sweetheart and adored wife.

Well done D.D on an very enjoyable rollercoaster ride. Depth of Emotion is certainly a fantastic name for your series as it certainly draws out each and everyone.




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