Seduction and Snacks

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

OMG!!! i have never laughed so hard with a book EVER!!! this was the best book... i had just come off of some very drama, angst, soul hurting reads and this book was the best medicine ever!!!  Ms. Sivec is just amazing!!!


Kelly - 5 crowns

Now where do I start with this? Well firstly, I need to catch my breath, massage my face and stomach muscles, and wish that I had listened to my Doctor's after childbirth and practiced my pelvic floor exercises. This book, in all of his entirety is one of the funniest and honest stories I have ever read. PLEASE DO NOT READ IT IN PUBLIC, unless you want to get carted away by the sunshine bus.

Claire never wanted kids. Ever! A dedicated University student, who had her life mapped out. A successful career and her best friend, Liz, to share it with. Sex with boys in campus was never an option, much to Liz's disgrace. That is, until one night, everything changed.

Sick to death of her virginity being a mock discussion topic among her nearest and dearest, Claire makes the decision to just, 'get it over with.'

Attending a frat party with Liz was never something on the agenda, but when she spots a hot guy who is easy going and shares the same taste in a certain 80's movie, the stage is set.

"You want to go refill your drink, maybe play a game of beer pong or something?"
I want to reach in my pants, pull out my virginity, wrap it up and put a bow on it. Or maybe stick it in a gift bag from Target and give it to him like a present with a nice card that says, "Thank you for being you! Just a little virginity to show you my gratitude!"

As the night progresses, Claire gets her wish. However, as morning approaches, and as much as she would love to wake up in his arms, she knows she can't keep him. Afterall, her plans are set, and nothing will change them. A boyfriend would make her lose sight of her goals, and its a distraction she didn't need or want.

But... Her future was going to get a slam dunk into shitsville. Yes.... A few weeks later, she gets the shock of her life. She is pregnant! And OMG, she didn't even know his name.

As desperation in finding her mystery hottie grows, and time lapses, Claire realises that she is about to embark on single Motherhood. Putting her hopes and dreams on the backburner to raise her son, Gavin, she thinks all hope is lost, until 4 years later, when HE walks into her bar.

Carter could never get her out of his mind, even after nearly five years, he still thought of the girl who smelt like chocolate. The girl whose virginity he took, and never had a chance to make it right... Until he meets a girl in the bar, the girl who has beauty and a unique familiarity that he just has to get to know her a little bit more...

Claire is a little devistated that he didn't recognise her, so how in hell was she going to tell him that he is the Father to her four year old son? By doing the only thing she can, use her unfiltered charm and hope he gets to see the girl he swooned, all those years ago.

This is the ultimate fun, thrill ride. A romance story delivered with hilarity and honesty that had me rolling in my seat. It's witty, sharp and praises the miracle that is vagina's. Some hot bedroom scenes thrown into the mix, and this is a true 21st century romance novel you will never forget. Just remember if you have a weak bladder, invest in some padded protection. :D

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