Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

Elizabeth - 5 handcuffs

Holy crap! omg... this book is intense... Caleb... Caleb... Caleb... is it stockholms syndrome you have me in?? sweet Lord almighty... these books are just eye-opening, and intense and completely out of my comfort zone.. but i really really luv them... it is just a whole other world, and God help me, I want Caleb! I cant wait for the next book!

Joanne - 4 handcuffs

Holy Christ - wtf - there are no words. I cant form thoughts. C.J. Roberts you are a fucking literary genius. You and Aleatha Roming have made me suffer stockholms sydrome and trauma at the hands of your books and I love you for it. 

Kelly - 5 handcuffs

Seduced in the Dark (Dark Duet #2) is the continuation in Olivia and Caleb’s journey. It is not just a rollercoaster read, it’s a vertical velocity shit storm! – Hold on tight, and DON’T. LET. GO!

Firstly, I am going to start off by saying, if you have NOT read the first book in the Dark Duet Series – ‘Captive in the Dark,’ then turn your little mouse icon around and click your little butt out of here, because you cannot read this as a standalone!

Secondly, if you have read Captive in the Dark, then you know that C.J. Roberts knows how to pack a punch, and she generally aims it right in the middle of your chest. Yes, she is one ballsy writer who doesn’t mind giving her readers a spin in the emotional wringer! But still, this book needs to come with a health warning and if it wasn’t for the fact that I love a challenge, a book that can push those ‘comfort zone’ boundaries then I would probably not have dipped my toes in these deep and dark infested waters. But I am a true believer that where there is dark… there is always light.

The opening chapter is based 4 months after the end of Captive in the Dark and I was thrown a little off-kilter, as it’s obvious from the outset that a major turn of events has transpired, however, as the book continues it is clear that Olivia is telling her story; divulging the events of her kidnapping to two FBI Agents.

Immediately, my heart dropped to my gut. Seriously… Where the hell was Caleb? I knew then that this book was dragging me under and I was powerless to stop it – Hook, Line and Sinker! Which ultimately had me pulling an all-nighter. Yes, 5:30am I went to bed, and was up at 7:30am for work, but my goodness, was it worth it!


Caleb knew his mission, it was simple and regardless of his own confusion when it comes of desires unknown for his beautiful captive, he has to let Olivia, his ‘Kitten’ go. He was due to meet Rafiq in a few days, and so it was time to embark to the safe house in Mexico to continue her training.

Still weak and in pain from her previous vicious attempted rape attack, Livvie understands that it is ‘better the devil you know,’ and after Caleb’s heroic attempt at her rescue, she finds a newfound respect for her kidnapper, and regardless of how hurtful and insensitive Caleb can be, the thought of leaving him is terrifying.

Upon arrival at the house, owned by Felipe, a business partner of Rafiq’s, it appears that a party is in full swing. Slaves are humiliated, admired and shared. Scenes are played for the ogling guests and the spectacle is enough to throw Livvie into emotional turmoil, and Caleb into a world where he would once have called home, into a conflicted nightmare. Promising to protect ‘Kitten,’ he keeps her close only to then have his worries escalated when he meets with Rafiq and he makes his plans for ‘Kitten’ very clear.

As time continues on, Caleb makes the decision that whatever feelings are brewing between them has to stop, therefore his only choice he has to save her and himself is to re-commence his training and make her the slave that she was always intended to be.

Olivia however, through all the gruelling hardships, and demeaning scenarios she is subjected to, cannot shake the reality that she is falling in love with Caleb, and deep down truly believes he doesn’t want to do this, but his inner demons are too strong, dragging its claws into his broken soul so only a monster remains, makes it harder and harder to reach out to him. Although she knows the truth, he is no monster, whatever horrors he is harbouring - is what made him.

Meanwhile, her story in the present time is cooking up a shit storm, and opening up a huge can of worms for the FBI. Matthew Reed, the investigator in the case is enthralled and appalled by Olivia’s story, and what started as a strained relationship between the two starts to manifest into a mutual respect for each other. With Olivia’s help, he learns that a ‘human trafficking’ auction is approaching in Pakistan and his mission is to catch Rafiq and his associates before it’s too late.

I will leave it there… I don’t want to give any else away. This book will leave you in a tailspin, and the interwoven voices of Olivia, Caleb and Matthew makes for one incredible story. At times it was difficult to read, and at the 67% mark my heart was breaking for Olivia. I wanted to hate Caleb, but couldn’t because snippets of the truth behind his past filter through the pages and at one point, I wanted to commit serious book murder! One character will make you seethe beyond measure.

C.J. Roberts is a true storyteller, a magical weaver of words that will have you gasping and leaves a residual enchantment on the soul of the reader, long after the last word has been read. I salute you. By taking a gamble and putting your heart and soul into a controversial yet incredible 'unconventional' love story that is gripping, written beautifully and incredibly well told!


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