Seasons by Katrina Alba



In fairy tales, the princess meets her prince. He is her first, last and only love. But life isn’t a fairy tale, and not everyone gets it right the first time. Often, we love many, each teaching us a lesson. I had four great loves of my life that came and went like the seasons. Not all of my loves turned out to be princes. Some were nothing but a villain in shiny armor. 

Will I find my true prince charming? 
Or am I doomed to face the coldness of winter alone? 

My name is Brynn Carsten, and these are the seasons of my life…



Emma - 4.25 Crowns


I question myself at this point as to where to even start this review. This book has been stacked up in my TBR for too long; being that it is from a new author, I will admit that I didn't place huge importance on it. Lesson 1 - never underestimate new authors. Lesson 2 - Listen to friends/bloggers when they rave about a book. If I had took notice to either of these 2 lessons I would have read this book as soon as it landed on my Kindle.

This is Brynn Carsten's journey through the highs and lows of love. Told through the seasons of her life, the author has used a quote by Yoko Ono to pre-face the book and I have to say it gives you a real insight into the direction in which this book will take.

"Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance"

We first meet Brynn in her junior year of high school. 17, independent and full of optimism in what life will hold for her. We learn early on that she is from a divorced home; her father having run of with his assistant. This certainly makes a young Brynn cynical about love, happier avoiding it then risking being hurt by it and it certainly effects many decisions she makes throughout her Seasons. 

Spring really is the start of her blossoming femininity. We move through to Summer and autumn and this brings more highs and dreadful lows. After every season she learns from her mistakes and attempts to flourish in her successes, whether that be in her love life or not as the case may be. Finally reaching Winter and having grown in the lessons her life have taught her, will she finally find what she is looking for?

This book is such a amazing and emotional journey. Brynn is so intent on not putting her heart out there at the beginning of this book, but when she does she goes full throttle. She manages to have 4 great loves in her life, all of them teaching her something about love and about herself. Will those lessons bring her a knight in shining armour - you will wish that for that all the way through. 

I won't mention the men she meets along the way as that really would spoil it for you. I will say that each and everyone are unique and offer her different experiences along the way. Some you will like, some you will love and you may even feel hate at times. Amongst all of this she is surrounded by important people that hold her hand through even the most difficult of times. Mel her childhood friend is wild and pushes Brynn out of her comfort zone, Trevor the gay best friend is her safe place and her mother Cathy is her everything.

This book is why I LOVE self-publishing. Katrina Alba is a very talented writer, the story she has created is real life. She hasn't had to slush it up, she has stayed true to herself. She has created a very poignant book and in retrospect has been very brave with the choices she chose when decided which path Brynn would travel. I can only praise her for that. This is a book that will stay with you for many reasons, most notably because of the teary ending but also because you will relate to the journey in love that Brynn goes through. 

This for me is a 5 crown review but I need to be honest and I like to think constructive. There were a few occasions when it swapped from past to present tense, this needed to be a little more fine tuned in my opinion. I would have also liked to see more of Winter. It felt a little rushed and I just think she could have added more meat to it, especially given the detail we got in the previous seasons. Do you know what though, this is such a breath-taking book that I could only bring myself to deduct .25, and believe me when I say I am very stingy with my crowns. That really is a credit to the wonderful work Katrina has shared with us.

If you are looking for a book that will evoke a whole range of emotions, that takes a less conventional path, that is unique and beautifully written - you NEED to read this book NOW!


Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


The title of this book is true perfection!
This story is about the seasons in ones life. How it changes, twists, and turns in every direction. Of course it focuses on the loves and losses, pains and beautiful memories...  it truly is about the life of a girl, to young adult, then a woman. The good, the sad, the wow, the bad and heart wrenching downs life has for her is all here, wrapped up in this phenomenal debut story by Katrina Alba.

This book starts off with Brynn in high school and it chronicles all the wonderful intensity of first love. It then progresses into college, then into the real world of the future and her budding career.

I smiled, I felt butterflies, I got mad, I was scared... And omg.. I did the ugly heaving snotty cry. Nice imagery there for you, but it really pulled me in, and I felt every myriad of emotion. I thought this story was going to be a sappy YA coming of age book journey, but oh no, it was sooooooooooo much more than that. Never underestimate a debut author. Well played Katrina Alba...Well played!










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