Saving Ayden (The Last Hangman MC, #1) 
by Muriel Garcia



WARNING : contains foul language, sex, violence and rape. 18+ 

Ayden and Anthony have been best friends forever. They did everything together and grew up around The Last Hangman MC. They've stuck together through the good and the bad, realizing that what they feel for each other is so much more than friendship. They confess their feelings and start dating but their happiness is short lived.

Ayden's life is changed in an instant...One minute you think everything is perfect, that you've found your happily ever after and the next minute your whole world comes crashing down, forcing her to leave New Orleans.

She starts a new life in New York but realize it's not enough, that she needs to get back to her roots even if it means going back where the MC is.

Anthony let Ayden leave six years ago.

He's always regretted it and seeing her again confirms how much he wants her and needs her in his life.
He'll do all he can to have Ayden back in his life and explain why she took off years ago.

What happens when her past catches up with her and starts messing with her life again?

Will she give into the fear of what took place that night might occur again? Or will she trust Anthony and let him help her get through it?

What happens when she finds out who is behind all the bad things she went through in the past? Will she be strong enough to handle the truth? Or will it destroy her beyond repair?

Emma - 3.75 Crowns


This début is the first instalment in The Last Hangman MC series.

This is Ayden's story. Daughter of the president of The Last Hangman MC, she has grown up in the lifestyle and is excepting of the lives her family and friends live. Awkward and an easy target for bullies, she has always known that her best friend and fellow MC kid will be there for her. Anthony is everything she could expect him to be, loyal, kind and fiercely protective. However as they grow up she soon starts to feel something more than the friendship she believes he only wants from her. Then on her 18th birthday he gives her the biggest gift she could wish for; his love. 

Everything should be perfect for Ayden, and it is UNTIL...

When Ayden is put through an horrific and heinous experience, she flees the only life she has known, the MC, her family and sadly Ant.

Roll on to 6 years and Ayden has taken the brave decision to return to New Orleans. She still doesn't have the courage to deal with the people and places of her life pre her move to New York, but she needs to be home. Having got a job in a prestigious marketing firm, a place to call home and a handful of friends, she hopes she can make progress and move on with her life; something that has alluded her for 6 years.

What will happen when she come face to face with Ant? Will they be able to move on from the horrors of the past? and when Ayden finds herself faced with unwanted attention, how will Ant react?

Before I go any further I ask you to heed the warning Muriel Garcia prefaces this story with. This story contains violence, rape and although the general storytelling is done in a sympathetic way, Muriel pulls no punches in the ordeal that Ayden goes through. If this is something that personally effects you WILL find this book hard to read.

I enjoyed this book, Muriel has created a very good storyline that has a real suspense to it. The story twists and turns and builds in to a real mystery type book. I like how she twisted this potentially beautiful and innocent love story into something that is dark, violent and twisted. The characters are great and she has certainly given them a good level of light ad shade as well as opening the characters up for future storylines. Club politics didn't really play part in this book, which is a good thing to be honest as this would have muddied an already interesting plot. The MC is really a backdrop in the book, and the story more about the personal lives of the members and their families.

I do have to agree with some other reviewers that it did have some editing issues. Although it doesn't especially detract from the story, I do think that the flow of the story would have been better had they been picked up on. I also found some of the dialogue repetitive at times. I say this to be constructive. Lets not forget this is Muriel Garcia's début novel and I can only applaud her for the imaginative and different take on the often violent and gritty genre of MC romance; I certainly look forward to seeing where she takes book 2.

If you are looking for a MC book with enduring love & Loyalty, mystery and suspense, Saving Ayden is the book for you.



Elizabeth - 3.5 Crowns


This was a great debut novel by ms. Garcia... it was an intriguing story dealing with a very delicate subject matter. There were a couple of editorial bumps, but they did not take anything away from the story.


I look forward to reading more from her.





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