Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Omg! These books are awesome... The second one was even better! Talk about drama, angst, love, passion, fear and life! I cried much more with this one, but they are both amazing!!


Kelly - 4 crowns

I’ve been aged by circumstance, drug through life unwillingly, and had my innocence maliciously destroyed forever.

After the gut-wrenching ending of ‘Ruining Me,’ I had no choice but to sleep on it, then pick up the sequel, ’Ruining you’ the very next day. I felt so connected to the story and the characters, that I couldn’t take a break and just walk away, I had to see this through to the end… with Jay. Her torment, hurt and injustice of what she went through covered me in a black cloud, giving me no choice but to continue with this journey, to find closure, not only for her, but for myself.


It has been two months since the ‘incident/s’ and Jay is recovering in a rehabilitation centre in order to help her overcome her battle with depression and grief. Inside this centre, we get fly on the wall access to her sessions with Doctors, and witness the sheer emotional torment, shame and guilt that she harbours deep within. However, Jay is reluctant to delve deep and it seems all is lost, until a new patient arrives, in the form of a young man called Eli.

From the off-set, Jay and Eli share a strong connection, but what starts as confrontational, quickly turns into one of honesty, support and an unwavering friendship. Finally, Jay finds herself starting to share, divulging past horrors to her newfound ‘rock.’

Don’t let go now, Jay. One-by-one, place each piece of your soul back together, but this time, make it stronger.”

”I don’t know a lot of things, Jay, but I do know that God doesn’t punish. Not on Earth anyway. That’s not his style. You are punishing yourself and using God as an excuse to justify it. He doesn’t want you to suffer, but he’ll let you wallow in your own sorrow if that is what you choose to do.”

Still racked by nightmares, they start to take on a new form, with JT becoming the focus, while her devil still plays advocate with her guilt. But, there is a reprieve, as JT speaks to her through her own consciousness, making it a comforting experience for the reader, by giving a form of closure to his character, although, at times, these episodes rendered me a complete blubbering wreck. Yes, you have been warned!

After nearly three months, Jay is ready to face the world yet again. With her friends and family stepping up to the plate, administering compassion and unwavering support, it seems things are looking up… until she sees him.

Disregarding the strong advice of testifying at the looming trial, she comes under pressure from the D.A. and the Officer investigating the case, and it’s not long before the heaviness takes its toll. But Jay has a decision to make, because in order for her life to move forward, she may just have to go back to the moment that started it all...


Key characters play a more pivotal role in this sequel, as they rally to help Jay in overcoming her depression. The first quarter of this book had a completely different vibe to the first as it seemed to slow down in pace, giving the reader time to calm down and grieve, as well as accept new characters and embrace a rekindled relationship, without guilt or remorse.

‘Ruining You’ pacifies as it gradually lulls the reader back down, grounding you, while giving closure. I really enjoyed this two book series and commend Nicole Reed on her strong ability to project angst and emotion – enough to make me shed a tear or two anyway!

Pick these up as they are well worth a read.


Ruining You by Nicole Reed

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