Ruining Me by Nicole Reed

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

This little book.... This little story.... OMG! The Kleenex I used! What a power punch it threw! I am reading book two now and not stopping!


Kelly - 4 crowns

Im not sure how I am going to sleep tonight after reading this. Wow, this story is deep, intense and emotionally charged. It will consume you and drain you simultaneously.

I can't even write a full review right now as I need to process exactly what it is I am feeling. Well... Besides being left a little numb that is!


REVIEW - Ruining me - Nicole Reed

I tried to sleep on this, and well... my previous assumption was correct, I couldn't sleep for shit. This storyline planted itself in my frontal lobe and decided to torment me for most of the evening.

You will experience every emotion while reading this book, flittering between confusion, sympathy, heartbreak, but more prominently than all of that, you will experience an unrelenting hatred. A hatred for the one person that stripped this beautful, caring, innocent and popular girl of her fulfilled and happy life, driving a stake into her soul, shattering every part until there is virtually nothing left. I cried reading this, I really did. I cried for Jay, I cried for what she lost but most of all I cried for what it made her become.

Kane and JT were the glue that held me together. I loved these boys as they tried so desperately hard to help the broken girl they have both come of love. JT for the girl she once was, and Kane for the girl she had now become, and yet both would stop at nothing to save her.

The ending broke me, I didn't expect that at all - hence the fretful night's sleep!

If you love an Angsty read, then wow, is this the book for you. Just be prepared to step into a pair of very dark shoes, as the events that shape this story is a disturbing one.

Regardless, the author has done an absolutely incredible job. Her execution wasn't perfect, but the snowball effect she placed on one evil action was gripping. I felt myself guessing one aspect of it, but it was still a shocking revelation when it came to light.

Get your big girl pants on ladies, take a deep breath and dive in deep!

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