Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Ohhhh this book is goood! What is it with bad boys (with big LUVING hearts) and tattoos? So yummy! I am really liking the writings of ms. Cherrie Lynn.... Her stories are so realistic... You can totally see that they could happen and probably have. I luv that. So much out there is just soooo far fetched... Beautiful fin angsty luv story!


Kelly - 5 handcuffs

This is a really great read and I loved Brian! If you like your men tattooed up and *cough* pierced in intimate places *cough*, then this is a book to sink your teeth into. It's a shorter read, as I read it in an evening (until early am), so it made my normal, boring Wednesday night one of total unadulterated enjoyment.

The love scenes are written very well and are steamy, so this book is for naughty adults only.


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