Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Wow.... What a wild ride! And a hot one too! Truly am loving these books and can not wait for the third one! Read with caution.... Hot hot hot!!

Joanne - 5 handcuffs 

Hot hot hot, just as good as book one..... 

Kelly - 5 handcuffs 

A Great 2nd Installment to the Sinners on Tour series.

Sed is notorious for his insatiable lust. He's screwed pretty much every willing Groupie across the States and he's not bothered by the fact that his reputation precedes him.

However, those who know the real Sed know the truth. He's punishing himself. It has been two years since his fiance Jessica left him to persue her dream of becoming a Lawyer. After his refusal to allow her free-reign to follow her career, she made the choice to walk and not look back.

Meanwhile, Jessica is struggling to come to terms of her latest examination paper being graded an F. Her Professor is cold and distant and Jessica cannot understand why. In order to continue to cover rising college costs, Jessica decides to take up an offer to go to Las Vegas in the summer to help with her funding problem by becoming an erotic danger in a club on the strip.

Three weeks into her new summer vocation, in walks the Sinner boys, with Brian in tow to celebrate his batchelor party, when Sed spots Jessica on stage.

Abandoning all reason, he makes a beeline for her and pulls her away from the hoard of onlookers. The band then regrettably end up in a fight with bouncers and have to cancel a few tour dates, while they recover. However, this brawl doesn't come without it's consequences!

With no job, no money and nowhere to live, Jessica gets an opportunity to help Myrna with her 'Groupie' study and here sets the wheels in motion of the story.

Without giving anymore information away, I personally really enjoyed this book. The characterisation was a progression on from Backstage Pass as we see more development in their individual personalities.

We see Jace start to spread his wings a little, we meet Trey's Brother and we start to understand a little more how living on tour, day in and day out with your band members can form unbreakable bonds.

And as those who have read Backstage Pass, be prepared for some more extra steamy encounters!

I think this series is great, and I read this in one sitting until stupid AM, so therefore I am giving it a 5 because it kept me entertained and on some occassions actually had me laughing so hard I had tears!

Looking forward to book 3!


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