Rock Bottom by Jade C. Jamison
Elizabeth - 4 Crowns


Oh Ethan Ethan Ethan..... How I hated you. You had the Luv of a good woman and she gave you a beautiful son and you through it all away.. For what?? For drugs and sex and a pathetic path you chose... I never thought you would make me even like you again.... How could you ever redeem yourself?? Well enter a Jenna... The light at the end of a very very long tunnel... And you almost threw her away too, didn't you? Then you would have been a level below rock bottom....dead.Jenna is a very strong character... She would have to be to deal with all of the skeletons and darkness that is Ethan... And because of her... I have been able to forgive you...and yes.. Even cheer for you!Thank goodness you redeemed yourself!



Kelly - 5 Crowns


“I know you think you know me. Like everyone else on this whole goddamn planet, you hate my ass. I realize I deserve part of it, but you’ve only heard Valerie’s side of the story
- you don’t know shit about me. 
Probably the only person who really knows me is Brad... and even he doesn’t know everything.
I know its easier to have a black-and-white picture. Gray isn’t always easy to process. But guess what, folks? I’m deep in the gray...and, if you’ll take a few moments to learn more about me, you might find it a little harder to judge me.
But I leave that up to you.”

Rock Bottom follows Ethan Richards, the notorious bad boy lead guitarist of the highly successful Metal band, Fully Automatic.

Ethan has had his fair share of ups and downs, but his character in Bullet was the one that ripped the readers heart out and fed it to our disheartened souls. He was the character that pushed our buttons and had us clenching our fists and shaking our kindles. Love him. Hate him. There is no denying his pull; he is the character that gave Bullet substance, it’s angst, and pummelled the reader in the chest with all his multifaceted ways of fucked up!

I have read on Goodreads that some people are reluctant to pick up this book because of how Ethan made them feel - well let me tell you right now, if you decide against it, you are making a very big mistake! This book was everything I imagined it would be, and more. 

Ethan is the embodiment of broken. A deeply tortured soul who suffered at the hands of his deranged Father - as a child victim, he witnessed and endured emotional and physical abuse, those memories have never faded, they have escalated, continuing to haunt him in adulthood. Yet throughout all of his wrongdoings and the trail of devastation that he left lying in his wake, deep down he is still that small boy who held a love for fire-trucks and chocolate chip cookies just screaming to be let out. To break free from the plague of chronic depression caused by the remnants of his past; feeling isolated and misunderstood, he knows that release can only be actioned by someone who truly understands, and yet no one ever has ...until now.

His heroine (pardon the pun) and angel of mercy comes in the form of a drug and alcohol addiction counsellor named, Jenna McCormick.

Jenna runs the local drug and alcohol support group in the basement of a small church. After leaving the rehabilitation centre clean of drugs and booze addiction, Ethan is advised to attend a weekly meeting to discuss his substance abuse with others who are continuing to battle the same demons as himself. This is where he sees her for the very first time.

Ethan arrives fashionably late, hiding behind his traditional self-assured and cocky persona he makes quite an entrance. His fame doesn’t go unnoticed with Jay, a young and impressionable Heavy Metal fan which only adds to his excessive ego. Jenna, already fully aware of his social status is not surprised by his attitude, yet when at the end of the session, he puts on his famous lady-luck charms, she defuses the situation immediately, putting the young Rock Star in his place. 

”If you want my help, if you want to connect with the group, fine. But check your ego at the door. No one here is a rock star. We’re all broken.”

There... that one moment is all it takes for Ethan to finally appreciate and understand that the world does not revolve around him. He is not alone. Here, within this group of strangers he can learn what it means to find himself again.

Immediately, he forms a close connection to Jenna as she provides a very strong voice, her skills in the art of drug addiction counselling is loud, honest and authentic.

As a reader, I believed every word she said, as did Ethan as we watch him pull strength from her unwavering advice without judgement, in new surroundings. Gradually, he becomes besotted with this strong, independent woman as she becomes his rock. Jenna knows about the world of addiction. She understands how the drugs ‘were’ the only consistency in his life, there as when he needed them. It was his choice, his decision, the only one he ever had control over - that is, until it started to control him.

Knowing you have a problem is the first step to recovery and letting go of those bad habits was always going to prove difficult, but with love, support and understanding, it goes to prove that anything is possible. 

“I am in a million pieces, and I don’t know where the fucking glue is. I’m... His voice dropped so low she had to strain to hear him. “I’m afraid that if I don’t get started, I’m going to start using again. I...I can’t do it again. I just can’t. I need your help.”

Jenna on the other hand is struggling to come to terms with an episode that rocked her world two years ago. Ethan is proving to be more than the cliché rock star that overdosed on heroine, twice!. And yet, she can see the good man that lingers inside, the broken man gradually setting himself free as he opens up to her in ways he never has before, but she’s scared to let another man in. Little does Ethan know, when she said, ‘we’re broken,’ she didn’t just mean her circle, she also meant herself.

“Then we will get through it together...”

When emotions run high and passion intertwines itself within this newfound friendship built on honesty and trust, the lows seem a fading memory. 

He took her face in his hands and kissed her again. Then he said, “You...are something else.”

She giggled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He felt so warm, so loved. “Everything.”

“Last chance. You know what you’re getting into.”

She nodded, feeling a steely determination course through her veins. “I’m here for the long haul.”

But what happens when two broken people fall desperately in-love? Does chronic depression just disappear? Do the nightmares fade into the darkness never to return? Does the addict just stop hearing Lady H’s call?

To put it simply...


They are always there, always lingering. The question is, does Ethan and Jenna have what it takes to fix it, to survive it, and remain fully intact?


Jade C Jamison has delivered a 12-step to recovery story with dignified honesty and heart. 

This is no text-book read which it could so easily have been, because deep within the heart of Ethan’s rehabilitation, is a heart-warming love story that injected moments of sheer beauty that made for a welcoming reprieve because parts of this book are intense!

Yes, Jade has tackled some deeply disturbing subject matters and I have no doubt this is probably one of the hardest books she has ever written. Rock Bottom focuses solely on Ethan’s addictions, and how he manages to control them with the help, love and support of an amazing woman. Jenna’s past gave her an understanding but also an air of vulnerability, making her a well-rounded, likable heroine. She didn’t piss me off once, which is an incredible feat in this day and age with book heroines. This one rocked!

Brad and Valerie make an appearance but it is brief. This book in all it’s glory is solely focused on Ethan and Jenna, with an epilogue to die for!

Fully Automatic is lock and loaded - can’t wait to see where they go next...


5 ‘Rehabilitating Rock Solid Awesome’ Stars

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