Revived (Revved, #2)

by Samantha Towle


Revived is not just a love story, but one of personal recovery. India and Leandro are explosive in this second instalment of the Revved series. Their chemistry is nurtured and built on honesty and trust and I fell totally in love with their plight; Patient falls in love with therapist, therapist cannot break her oath, and yet Mr Silva is a man used to getting what he wants...

Samantha Towle has done it again! She never fails in giving me the feels. Leandro Silva is a hero, and even heroes can fall. After the accident that nearly took his life, he is suffering from a mild case of PTSD. With the advice from his respected adversary and newfound friend, Carrick Ryan and his wife Andressa, Leandro decides to seek help from Andi's therapist, Dr India Harris.

India and her twin Brother Kit haven't had it easy. Growing up in foster care, their early years were thwart with challenges, none more so when at only 17, India discovers she is pregnant by one of her carers. With the support of her Brother, India puts the past behind her when her ex is put behind bars for child abuse and statutory rape; her only consolation is her beautiful son, Jett.

With hard work and dedication, India turns her life around, and now she is a respected and very successful therapist who has put love on hold to pursue her career in counselling.

In walks in Leandro...

Leandro Silva: Brazilian, sex-hungry, dirty talkin', hard drivin' (in more ways than one), F1 god who can charm the pants off every female in close proximity. Alas, there is also more to him than meets the eye, and India finds herself in the most precarious of situations when, for the first time, she isn't just emotionally invested in her new client, but sexually attracted to him too.

What I enjoyed about this story is the form in which it unfolded. Leandro is a strong voice, but he is broken and scarred and seeing that vulnerability made him more real to me. His larger than life arrogance is still there, and I love him for it, but at the same time he had deep insecurities that just made him tangible.

India is one hell of a heroine. She and Kit dug themselves out of a bad situation and made the best of things. And the boy, Jett is a little darling. I love kids in books, especially when they share the same namesake as my son - no, not biased at all, but hey... it's a cool name! He was a breath of fresh air, and threw a spanner into the whole dynamics of this love story but in a good way. India and Jett show Leandro that there is more to life than easy nameless women and the end of a bottle.

The secondary characters play a pivotal role, and I really digged Kit, India's twin Brother. He has an air about him thats irresistible and seeing Jett grow and come into his own makes for an interesting question... can we expect a 'Jett' book in the near future? Oh... I really hope so!

Revived is the perfect title, not only does Leandro come out of the darkness, but India puts her own fears behind her as she embraces the love of a man that could so easily destroy her and everything she's worked for.

A sexy, fast-paced read that had me turning the pages late into the night. Another podium worthy success from the lovely Sam Towle.

Kelly  - 5 Crowns

India Harris didn’t have the best start in life. Abandoned as a baby, she and her twin brother, Kit, spent their lives in foster care, only having each other to rely on. Then, at a young age, a relationship with the wrong man left India pregnant. Wanting to give her son the life she never had, she put herself through school and graduated with honors. 

Now, at the age of thirty, she’s a highly respected therapist.

At the top of his game as a Formula One driver, Leandro Silva had everything—until an accident on the track left him staring death in the face. After enduring twelve months of physical therapy, Leandro is now physically able to race, but his mind is keeping him from the track. Frustrated and angry, Leandro’s days and nights are filled with limitless alcohol and faceless women. 

Entering the last year of his contract, he knows he has to race again, or he’ll lose everything he spent his life working for. Forced into therapy to get his life back, Leandro finds himself in the office of Dr. India Harris.

Falling for his uptight therapist is not part of Leandro’s plan. 

Having unethical feelings for her patient, the angry Brazilian race car driver, is not part of India’s plan. 

But what if the wrong person is the only person who is right?

Emma  - 4.5 Crowns

Book 2 in the Revved series. This can be read as a standalone as only the characters rather than storylines crossover. I would however, highly recommend you read book 1 - you have to meet Carrick Ryan.

Leandro Silva is a huge Formula One star... or he was. Following a near fatal accident, Leandro now has a deep seated fear of not only getting back on the track, but of getting in and driving a car full stop. Racing is his life and without it he finds himself wallowing in a pit of fear, despair, drink and faceless women. Time isn't on Leandro's side. With the deadline his team have given him fast approaching, he knows he has to find a way to beat his demon's. If he doesn't his racing career will be over... and with it his reason for living.

India Harris has had a tough life. Abandoned alongside her twin brother as a young child, she was past from pillar to post growing up in a succession of foster and children's homes. At 17 she found herself pregnant and knew that it was time to make something of her life, not just for her child but for herself and her brother Kit. At 30 she has become a successful therapist and proud single mother to her 12 year old son Jett. When a tall dark and extremely hot patient walks into her office one day, she is unprepared for how he will make her feel and how he will have her question and push against every principle she believes in.

I loved book 1 and was so pleased when Samantha Towle announced that we would be getting another book. There is nothing more exciting than the rich bad boys that live their lives in fast cars and even faster women. But even these playboys of the track find their game changers. Carrick found his in book 1 and now it is his arch rival and new found close friend Leandro's turn. What is great about this book is that it is very different from its predecessor. Leandro is in a really dark place and India really helps him conquer his fears, but the attraction between them is electric. As his therapist though she is professionally bound to keep her distance from him personally. This increasingly becomes a struggle, leading India to feel like she has become the very person that took advantage of her when she was also at her most vulnerable. The angst levels are off the chart and the chemistry between them sizzles of the page.

It is without doubt a deeper story than book 1 in my opinion. The subject matters are certainly of a sensitive nature, but I truly believe that the author deals with them with a certain class that I have come to expect in her writing. Once again she has given us two protagonists that you will feel emotionally connected to. But what she has also done with this story is ask questions on ethics and principles. Is it, if ever, okay to blur the lines between a professional and personal relationship? You will need to read yourself to answer that question.

You will love India. She is one tough cookie, but she is also tough on herself. In Leandro she could have her HEA, but she fights her feelings because of her own experiences and the principles that have become important to her. Leandro, well there is little you couldn't like about him. He is hot, he is passionate and he is determined. Determined to beat his demons. Determined to race again. Determined to love India. I also fell in love with Kit - the brother everyone would want, and Jett - the clued up 12 year old that has been lovingly brought up by India, and Kit in the absence of his father.

A great sequel to Revved. If you love your romance to have a good dose of angst, this is a fantastic, steamy and romantic read. I just hope that the author considers telling Kit's story and even a glimpse at Jett's future as well (hint, hint!!) - A MUST READ SERIES!

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