Reflected in you (Crossfire, #2) by Sylvia Day
Kelly - 5 handcuffs


The second chapter in Eva and Gideon’s story is one that will enthral you, emotionally hurt you, irritate you, and then make you fall in love, all over again.


Sylvia Day is a genius, her ability to take two damaged souls, throw them onto a path that is fuelled with passionate lust, an obsessive and overwhelming need and a love so unyielding that can still spell a catalyst for disaster, is no easy feat.


Eva and Gideon feel that they are perfect for each other, both survivors of severe sexual abuse; no-one understands them like they understand each-other. But through all of it, their is no denying that both their pasts are shrouded in darkness and they both must learn to detract from these darker elements and put their trust in each other to be able to move forward.


This is an incredible story of two people who are wrong, desperately working hard to make everything they have, right. They are the yin and yang, the positive and negative; they work well together, but are still so irrefutably opposite.


Eva has started to open up in this book a little more, her love for Gideon proving a balm, and it’s only now that she can openly talk about her feelings and give Gideon further insight to the darker elements of her past. However, Gideon is still running from his. Locking his pain behind his inpenetrable mask can only slide with Eva for so long. She is desperate for him to open up to her, and break down those walls, but when his elusiveness shows no outward signs of change, it becomes apparent that their relationship is far from perfect - in fact its becoming too destructive, which is also confirmed by their weekly therapist, who advises they start to spend a little extra time apart, with a promise of abstinence - much to both of their disgust and highly voiced objections.


However, Gideon has his reasons. He needs Eva to trust him. Until that trust is nurtured, he can never disclose his past horrors or the secret that he is hiding from her. A secret that if disclosed, could ruin everything...


Eva and Gideon’s relationship gave me whiplash. It excited me, it made my heart swell, and it broke me. Unlike in Bared to you, Eva has grown, she isn’t running anymore, in-fact I felt she was the stronger character of the two in this book.


Gideon being all masterful and possessive, the way I love him, still screamed ‘Victim’ and I wanted to take the pain away, hold the frightened boy inside him and tell him that he was going to be all right.The last 10% was upsetting and… absolutely brilliant!


Eva did not disappoint me, and it proved that Love really can conquer all, if you are willing to let go of those demons and put your trust into something that’s worth saving. Albeit, they still have someway to go...


They say actions speak louder than words, and Gideon has a gift of proving that, even if he cannot say those three words, you feel them so deeply. His love for Eva, although at times a little unconventional, proves its worth countless times and I absolutely loved this:


“I’d kill for you” he whispered, “give up everything I own for you… but I won’t give you up.”


A brilliant 2nd instalment, that opens up lots of possibilities for book 3. I just hope they finally get their HEA, because if anyone deserves it – Eva and Gideon do.


5 shiny cuffs.

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