Reckless Abandon (Condemned Angels MC, #3)

by Heather Leigh

When Nicole was faced with the recent turn of events, she learned of three siblings, which were all member of the Devils MC. She waged herself to her brother, Jax- the President of the Devils, in return for Jeremy and the Condemned Angels MC’s safety. Little did she realize that Jeremy claimed her has his Old Lady, and he was determined to get Nicole back.

In their rescue mission, the rivals, Devils MC, takes Jeremy and Hunter hostage. However, Hunter comes to find his past surfacing. Eva, legally still his wife, was now Jax’s Old Lady. The deep secret that Eva holds is the one thing that separated Hunter and her years ago. Her secret past could get her killed if Jax ever found out. Will Hunter use her secret to kill two birds with one stone? 

Will Jeremy make it out of Idaho alive and with Nicole, or will he and his MC fall before the Devils. Fall in-love with Hunter and Eva’s story while Jeremy fights for what he loves most. Who will make it out alive?


Book 3 in the Condemned Angels MC series. This is a continuing storyline and therefore the books should be read in the order in which they are written.

With Book 2 ending on a cliffhanger, you will be pleased to know that book 3 picks up where we left off. Nicole has gone to the Devil's MC club with her new found sibling Jax, hoping to prevent all out war between the 2 clubs. Jeremy, however, is hot on her tail alongside Hunter, who was surprised to find Eva, his wife (who knew) as Jax's Old lady. They are then discovered by Devil's and book 3 begins.

This book is told in multiple POV's but is predominately about Hunter and the wife that we knew nothing about. We find out about there past and the obvious shock, anger and hurt when they come face to face. We also see Nicole and Jeremy and how the seriously sick Jax plans on exacting his revenge. Lots of secrets are uncovered and with them a lot of loose ends are tied up as well. However, you will also come out of the read wanting more, especially given the ending. Thankfully we will get our more when Dark Paradise #4 is released.

I like this series. It is packed full of action and has a good balance of club politics and love. Jeremy is still my favourite character and this book just reinforces that, however, Hunter comes a close second. The love and ultimate betrayal by Eva cut him deep - I just hope they can find their way back to each other.

I did find there were some issues with the book editorially - underlining, different font size and confusion with who Kit was, however, the storyline meant I was unable to mark it under a 4, I just wish it had been longer as I was enthralled.

A quick, action-packed MC ride. I look forward to book 4 to find out where the story leads us next. 


Emma  - 4 Crowns

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