Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donavon

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Kelly - 4 crowns

"Oh Emma..."

I think I said that too many times while reading this book. My heart bled for the main character in this story. I wanted to wrap her up in my arms and take her far away from the hurt and pain of her abusive homelife. I also wanted to commit book murder!

Having had no experience in physical abuse (and very thankful of that fact), I found parts of this story difficult to read, but at the same time, I couldn't help get frustrated with it and some of Emma's reasoning left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Her Uncle was a complete waste of space and I wanted to slap him! I don't know how anyone can either be so dumb to what was happening under his nose, or to the fact that he turned a blind eye which undoubtedly made him a coward.

While abuse is the strong element that consistenly runs in the background of this story, this novel also offers so much more, it's about strength and growth. As the story progresses we start to see Emma come out of the shadows and start to get noticed. There's only one reason for this and it comes in the shape of Evan. A beautiful new student with a good head on his shoulders with experiences of the world. Along with Emma's best friend, we start to witness a support system develop and a love story grow.

I don't want to go into anymore detail, as I'm quite averse to planting spoilers, but I won't lie, this book is a rollercoaster. The journey not always a pleasant one. If it does anything though, it proves beyond doubt that no-one is safe from retribution, and love will always conquer if that support system is there.

I did expect some elements of the ending... Almost! But a word of advice, make sure you have the second book in your back pocket, or already loaded on your kindle because you will want to jump on it straight away!

A very well written book for the older YA due to violent scenes and some colourful language.

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