Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Oh I neeeeded this story... Siiiigh... Horse... You sweet brute of a man.... I never thought anyone could top Deuce... But holy moly Horsey... You win hands down! Marie is one lucky beeeeee-otch!!! Luved it!


Kelly - 4 handcuffs

We’re men – one percenters. Fucking kings of the MC world. We don’t follow rules, we make our own goddamn rules.”

Whoa! I just took a very hot ride at break-neck speed. The Reapers revved my engine at full throttle and blew my pistons to smithereens, but Holy Hot Pipes, what a rush…!

Horse what have you done to me? With a name like that, come on… all bad analogies and clichés be damned, but regardless of a name… a road name no less, this book has just rekindled my love of bad-ass bikers. Yes, okay I admit it, I’m a Sons of Anarchy fan and I loved Madeline Sheehan’s book ‘Undeniable’, and felt the need to jump back on the ‘Old Lady’ train (or two wheeled demon), and hit up another biker territory - the Reapers MC of Idaho did NOT disappoint.


Marie Jensen has not had it easy. Raised in a dilapidated trailer in the middle of nowhere, with just her Mother and Brother for company, she found an early escape into the arms of the high-school football quarterback, Gary. Marrying too young, their dreams and prospects of a career were short-lived when reality hit hard, manifesting into one of minimum wage jobs and a hefty mortgage. Gary hit the booze and made his frustrations known by using his fist.

Her Mother is in jail for assaulting a cop, so Marie’s only saving grace and place of refuge is with her Brother, Jeff, back at the trailer where she spent her childhood, two hours away from her now broken home.

Jeff is a computer whiz kid, but keeps his affairs private. All Marie knows is that he works at his own pace, in his own time and is more than happy to fill in the gaps with smoking pot and a chilled disposition. However, things take a twist when his private work turns up on their doorstep, literally!

The Reapers Motorcycle club take a close interest in their business associates, especially when it comes down to the club’s financial investments. Marie cannot help but feel nervous around them, but one of the member’s more so. Horse is a large, heavily tattooed, Harley riding bad-boy who invades her thoughts constantly and fuels a hidden fire that Gary never managed to stoke. But he’s bad news… real bad news.

When a business transaction goes wrong, with Jeff caught stealing from the Reapers to help fuel a hidden gambling addiction, there is a bullet with his name on it. A blood debt needs to be paid and with Horse’s sights still set on Marie; he knows exactly what he needs to do…

Marie will do anything to help her Brother, so she accepts the blood debt, and goes home with Horse - the man with a split personality. If he would stop giving her the greatest sex of her life, maybe she could continue to hate him. But Jeff isn’t giving up, and makes a pact with the devil in the form of drug Cartels and an enemy MC as he stops at nothing to get his Sister back. All hell is about to break loose, and Marie is planted firmly in the firing line. It would be easier to run if she hadn’t fallen in love with her captor, and when some home-truths are laid out, she knows that putting her trust in her pot-head Brother may not have been a wise decision afterall…


Like I said before: BAD-ASS! Horse is one of those characters who makes your toes curl one minute and makes your heart drop into your stomach the next. There were times when I felt particularly bad for Marie and others when I thought she was the luckiest bitch on Earth. Yeah… Joanna Wylde knows how to keep her readers hanging on by the thread of their panties.

However, lying deep within the heart of this book is a strong message, that the MC is one big family, a band of Brothers that would fight to the death, to protect that 1%.

A truly great read that’s heavy on the steam factor. Strictly 18+


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