Quickies: Short Stories and other sexy stuff by Jade C. Jamison


Kelly - 4 handcuffs


It’s no secret that I am a huge Jade C. Jamison fan, her novel ‘Bullet’ is still one of my TOP 2013 reads. No one nails the Rock star genre quite like she does, so when she mentioned to her readers that she was contemplating a short anthology release, I jumped on the Jade ‘band-wagon’ and begged her for an ARC, and guess what? I got one! :D

And as always, she never fails to disappoint!

Quickies can be read as a total standalone, until the end, as you read on, you will understand why.

I highly recommend the following:

Drawn to Him,’ a story about a nudist artist and a stand-in model, who is doing a favour for a friend. It’s fun and very colourful in more ways than one… ;)

Dancing on Air,’ if you enjoy teacher/student forbidden little romances, then this will be sure to get an ‘A.’

And the clincher, my favourite short story of all, and one I would LOVE to see as a novel in it’s full entirety was, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For.’ I loved the premise of this one, and the male lead is Hot with a capital ‘H.’ If you don’t normally like delving into ‘cheating’ stories, then throw caution to the wind and give this one a go. I promise you, you may feel a little different due to the angle in which this one takes.

But I can’t end this review without a mention of the ultimate treat towards the end...

Oh Yeah…, throw up the horns people and get ready for the encore as we re-connect with Valerie, Ethan, Brad and Clay/Jet in what I can only describe as a Bullet tribute to ‘the fans.’

And Finally…

Overall, this is a great insight into the world of Jade and her writing style. Even if you haven’t read Bullet beforehand, you can still enjoy the first 75% without it affecting the readers’ experience. However, I do recommend reading Bullet if you want to feel any appreciation for the last 25%.

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