Promises After Dark (After-Dark, #3)by Kahlen Aymes



In and out of the bedroom, Alex and Angel's passion is an all-consuming, every-second-of-every-day, can't-stop-thinking-about-you, obsession!

They have it all; fiery hot sexual chemistry, an undeniable mental connection, a profound emotional bond, and a newfound trust as they promise each other, 'no more secrets'. Theirs is a sensual, magical love affair of epic proportions.

When their perfect world is shaken by a dangerous criminal out to extract painful revenge on them, the fierce protectiveness that rules Alex becomes a single purposed objective that will drive him beyond his limits and make him do things even he didn't know he was capable of.

Experience one of the hottest couples in contemporary romantic fiction in the heart-pounding, dangerous and sexy conclusion to Kahlen Aymes' 5 Star After Dark Series! 



Kelly - 5 Crowns


 “A stunning conclusion to the After Dark series. Promises After Dark is a passionate, riveting, all-consuming beautiful love story that deserves every one of those five stars! Be prepared to be dazzled!”  Kelly - Perusing Princesses


In this conclusion, Angeline and Alex are slowly overcoming the attack from Mark Swanson that could have ended Angel’s life. With him now out on bail, the threat of vengeance is still at large as Alex takes every precaution in keeping his girl safe.


When Jason Bancroft becomes collateral damage, Alex and Angel, along with Cole do their best in helping the police try to find Angel’s missing security guard, but it seems Mark Swanson is smarter than they thought.


Trying to overcome the outside threat by getting on with their lives is no easy feat but they do the best they can under the circumstances, however it becomes very real when Mark calls Angel on her personal cellphone, demanding money or something ill may befall little Jillian at her 3rd Birthday party. A party that only close friends knew about. There is only one viable conclusion: They have a leak!


Leaving Chicago was a last resort, but it seems Mark Swanson will stop at nothing in enacting his revenge on Alex for leaving him bankrupt, and Angel for not letting go of the rape case; and a desperate man is a very dangerous one…




Promises After Dark is the stunning conclusion to the After Dark series. A passionate, riveting, all-consuming beautiful love story that deserves every one of those five stars. Alex Avery is a top contender in the fictitious world of alpha millionaire businessmen. Be prepared to be dazzled by his charm, wit, passion and unrelenting desire to protect what it his. Angel is right... she's the luckiest woman alive, and thank goodness she has finally laid to rest those demons in this finale and seen the truth in Alex's affections.


We know from the past two instalments that Alex is a playboy, he has never given his heart to anyone, but all that changed when the beautiful, headstrong Doctor Angeline Hemming came into his life. From the offset, the transition from instant lust to adulated affection to full all-consuming and passionate love has been such a pleasurable journey.


The bedroom scenes are heated, but beautifully constructed with so much emotion, you can’t help but feel enamoured by these characters, as they come together (pardon the pun) on every conceivable level - emotionally and physically.


The crime-thriller element really gives this series substance, because it could have been another millionaire mogul meets feisty female, but it is so much more than that. Angel’s character really comes into her own in this one. We have seen her question Alex’s motives, to the point that if it continued for much longer it would have been somewhat monotonous, but as it stands, her acceptance is highlighted beautifully and I was so proud of her for finally embracing what Alex so clearly wants to give.


Kahlen Aymes does it again! 








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