Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

Kelly - 5

From the very first page, Pougkeepsie will spellbound you as it steers you into a compelling tale of twists and turns - primarily one of love between two beautiful souls, Livia and Blake. Parts are very humorous and others incredibly violent. You have been warned!

The love story itself sets the precedent of how far would you go to protect the person you love? Would you throw everything you ever thought you was out of the window and look at the world with new eyes? Livia, the Heroine is a feisty, adorable lead and I loved absolutely everything about her. Her compassion for others really shone in her characterisation - however, she stepped up to the mark when things got heavy.

Her sister, Kyle, is a foul-mouthed, attention-seeking nightmare that has you rolling in your seat; she made me laugh – a lot!

The backbone of this story depicts the bond between three Brothers, all of whom are not blood related but their world's collided the day they were thrown into the foster care system. Bound by violence and abuse, these 3 young boys leaned on each other and it saved their lives.

Now adults; Beckett is a violent, Murdering mafia/drug dealing/pimp boss, feared by all in Poughkeepsie. Cole is bound to the church, training as an assistant to a priest and Blake is a homeless 25 year old with a talent and a soul so pure, you wonder how anyone could ever have broken him.

Would you kill to protect your Brothers, and would you die for them in a second if it meant saving them from that fate?

I will leave it there... I don't want to give anything else away because this book is one of the most captivating, beautiful literacy masterpieces I have ever read. It's not for the fainthearted – parts of it are somewhat aggressive, but all of it is justified so please don’t let it deter you from picking up and reading this remarkable story.

This book haunted me, its one that I read in 2 days until 3am, then had to literally pull myself away from my kindle before I went back to page 1 to re-take the ride all over again.

It also makes me realise that some books I have given 5 stars too, are now worthy of 4 after reading this. I guess now I'm always going to try and find something that measures up!

I would love to see this book on the big screen too; I think it could be beautiful if the right production company got their hands on it.

5 ‘pure gold’ crowns.



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