Positive/Negativity (The Depth of Emotion, #2)

by D.D Lorenzo



When Opposites Attract... 

Aria Cole and Declan Sinclair are as opposite as positive is to negative. They have one thing in common; their love of being near the ocean. 

When Aria escapes to a beach house to heal after a devastating loss she comes face to face with an interesting man. 

Declan Sinclair has traveled the world. He uses his body as well as his mind in the fast paced Modeling industry. As he ages in a profession that favors youth, Declan retreats to his home at the beach to form a strategy for the future. His interest is piqued by a solitary woman who sits daily within his view. 

Can Aria see through her sorrow to accept the kindness of a handsome stranger? 

Will Declan decelerate his fast paced life to enjoy the company of a blue eyed girl? 

Would evil in the heart of a narcissistic rival threaten a seed before it's sown? 

The account of the story of Aria and Declan challenges us to solve an interesting riddle: Can Positive results be propelled as a result of a Negative circumstance? 

Declan and Aria explosively chronicle the positive and negative aspects of the emotions that affect us all...

Kelly - 4 Crowns


Positive/Negativity is a beautiful romance with a touch of thriller and intrigue.

Declan and Aria are two characters destined to be together, but with one villainous psychopath adamant in tearing them apart, there is only so much two soul mates can endure before the world they built comes crashing down.

This book had everything that makes a good story work. I loved the pace, it really did set the scene from the outset, and I swear I could hear the crashing waves, smell the sea air and taste the coffee. D.D Lorenzo wasn't afraid to put that pen to paper and try something new because the writing style was a little quirky, with a distinct uniqueness that took a little getting used to, but once I did everything fell into place like the perfect puzzle piece.

This story focuses on our two main protagonists, Aria and Declan. Aria is a successful property developer and Declan is a famous male model, suffice to say, they are both from very different worlds.

Losing her Father has taken a big toll on Aria, so she takes some much needed time out and goes back to the place where the perfect childhood memories were made; to her uncle's beach house.

Declan is tired of the hectic New York modelling and social scene, the industry is pretentious and fickle, packed full of people who only care about themselves. The time has come to take a back seat as he revisits his secret retreat at the beach to get some perspective and think about moving forward with a new business plan.

Everyday she walks alone, holding her cup of coffee, the beautiful girl with an aire of sadness. Something about her calls to Declan, as he makes it his mission to introduce himself to the new neighbour.

Aria may be grieving but she isn't blind to the beautiful man in front of her, but the last thing she needs is another complication in the form of a relationship, especially with the calibre of man Declan falls under. But as they become more acquainted, a mutual friendship ensues.

Marisol is a drop gorgeous supermodel. She may have the public's respect but within the Industry, she is renowned for being a self absorbed conniving brat who always gets what she wants... Well, almost always. Declan has never given a second thought to her advances and this has annoyed her greatly, but nothing more so when she learns of the woman who keeps him company at his beach house. A private investigator later and what started as jealous intrigue turns into a dangerous obsession...

Declan and Aria' s friendship blossoms into something undeniably real and beautiful, but little do they know, something sinister is brewing, and their new found love is about to be put to the ultimate test...

Positive/Negativity is the perfect title, because while everything may appear great on the outside, the pull of darkness is forever lurking. A far as villains go, Marisol is as cunning as they get. Be prepared to hate her with a passion! I detest her character and yet without her, this story wouldn't have worked.

As I mentioned, the writing style took a little getting used to as it flips from third person narrative to first, and both character viewpoints, although the star breaks definitely help in deciphering what character scene is next. Look out for the closing sentences at the end of each chapter too, I thought this was a great little touch and not something I have seen before. My only gripe is some of the dialogue was over wordy and drawn out. I think the characters needed to take a breath now and then, but other than that I really did enjoy Declan and Aria's story.

If you want to delve into something new and refreshing that goes against the grain, then give this book a go!



Emma - 4 Crowns


Book 1 in The Depth of Emotion series.

Aria is in mourning. Losing her father to cancer has found her need to retreat and recover from the loss of such an influential person in both her personal and professional life. Deciding to head to the Maryland shore and the place that holds the happiest of memories for her is just the tonic she needs. What she doesn't expect to find is love, passion and her soul.

Declan is a top male model at the pinnacle of his career. Having decided that he only has a few years left in the industry, he buys himself a house in need of some TLC on the beach in Maryland. Declan has dreams; dreams of building his own studio, discovering and nurturing new talent. When he see's the same beautiful girl looking so sad and lost on the beach every morning, she becomes an enigma to him. When the opportunity arises to have coffee (or Dessert) with this girl, those dreams may end up on the back burner. 

Will Declan be able to bring light into Aria's life? Will Aria provide a home and grounding for this globe trotting model? and when evil touches them, can they survive the poison that surrounds them?

This is a very good and beautifully written debut novel from D.D Lorenzo. The backdrop and mood is very romantic and her choice of wording is very poetic. She has provided the reader with song choices for parts of the book to set the mood and it just has a very chilled feel about it.

Having said that, don't misunderstand me. This book isn't all about love. Oh no, this book has a real darker element to it and that comes in the form of the beautiful, stunning and incredibly evil, Marisol. I'm not going to say too much about her role within the book as you need to read that yourself; however I will tell you now that she has got to be the darkest female character/adversary that I have ever had the pleasure to read about.

I will admit that I did find it a little wordy and over descriptive at times and D.D's style of writing is certainly unique; but she also had elements of absolute genius in there too so it just balanced it out. It certainly left me wanting to know where the story was going next, it could of just got there a little quicker, sometimes.

So onto book 2. I have to tell you that there is a mighty fine cliffy in this book and man has it left me salivating for more (Declan, be warned, is HOT!!) I really look forward to Selective/Memory, I have a feeling that the sea in Maryland may just be a little rough for these two soulmates. 



Elizabeth - 5 Crowns



Ms. D.D. has got herself a new loyal fan... ME!


This book was so intriguing! When I read that she was inspired by the brilliant Aleatha Romig... well, lets just say,she had me at ALEATHA....lol 

This story had a heartbreaking theme of love and loss, and life hurts, while at the same time it exudes this incredible vulnerability, and love with a kick of spicy hotness. Then it throws in some twisted wickedness, creating a unique blend that is beyond amazing!

This book is about a really HOT male model named Declan... omg.. happy sigh!! He is a genuine alpha, going about his business, enjoying his downtime to relax at his beach house. As an early riser, and coffee aficionado... he spends his early mornings enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean from his porch as he drinks coffee.. because honestly.. even a non coffee drinker would become a coffee drinker, if one could sit on the porch of their very own beach house... am I right?? Yes, of course I'm right! :D

Then in strolls Aria, a sweet, intelligent and beautiful woman. Minding her own business... lost in her sad thoughts as she takes her obligatory walk every morning on the beach, bypassing Declan's home

Declan is intrigued by the new neighbour and can't get enough of watching her... feeling very high school-ish, trying to figure out an "in" to meet her.. to befriend her... to possess her...


The answer comes easily...COFFEE. At least they seem to have one thing in common. Soon a close friendship forms, only for it to blossom into a loving and beautiful romance. All is right with the world, for a while until...


ENTER THE TWISTED WICKEDNESS!! OH. MY. GAAAAWD!! Its name is Marisol... and she is one effed-up twisted soulless creature... with an obsession with.... wait for it.... wait for it.... DECLAN!!


I won't spoil it for you... you HAVE to read it.. and it ends in a cliffy.. but heaven smiles upon us because the second book is already out!


So...onto book 2!!





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