No one knew the devastation of those three words more than Faith Winston and five years ago, she endured every one of them. All she wanted was to feel safe and marry the very man who promised to love her and protect her, Ryker Knight. 

But growing up in the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, she should have known she couldn’t have a happy ending. Instead, her world became a nightmare. The bikers—her family—abandoned her, leaving her to crash without their safety net. 

Ryker Knight has spent the last five years consumed with guilt, running from the ghosts that haunt him. That is until his past catches up with him the moment his brother needs his help. Returning home to Jasper Bay, he’s forced to face the same ghosts he was running from. Only to find that the woman he loved is trapped in a hell of her own, entrenched behind enemy lines —and it’s all his fault. 

And even though Ryker’s life comes with priorities that he can’t – and won’t - turn his back on, he refuses to leave Jasper Bay until he’s found Faith. 

But will she want to return to the life she’s always wanted even if Ryker is no longer capable of giving her what he once promised? 


Point of Redemption by Stacey Lynn


Emma -  4.75 Crowns

Book 2 in the Nordic Lords MC series by Stacy Lynn. This book could be read as a standalone, however I honestly believe that this should be read in the order it was wrote in to get full backstory to the club and these characters.

This is Ryker and Faith's story. I have been waiting to read about them following the teasers we got in Point of Return. Stacey sure hasn't let us down, this is everything you wanted, expected and it is delivered with cherries on the top.

This is a second shot at life and love for Ryker and Faith. Childhood sweethearts, they had big plans for there life together away from Jasper Bay and the Nordic Lords MC that they were both born into. When Faith's father is killed as a traitor, Ryker is by her side, supporting her. He loves her with such an intense passion that he will give his life to protect her. All the love they shared was blown to smithereens one deadly night when Ryker's father and the MC's Presidents wife were fately attacked. Believing that he has killed his father, Ryker goes to the only person that will help him. When he finds her in the arms of another man, Ryker is devastated. Leaving the club, his family, Jasper Bay and Faith behind; Ryker takes off without a backward glance with no intentions to ever return.

5 Years later and Ryker is summoned to return by his brother and now Vice President "D". Leaving the oil rig is easy but leaving his responsibilities is hard. With promises and intention to spend a week helping out the club before returning to New Orleans, Ryker finds himself back in Jasper Bay. What he finds when he arrives devastates him.

Faith was left heart broken when the love of her life deserted her. Faced with unimaginable consequences, Faith finds herself forced into whoring herself. Running the local brothel in town she is completely alienated from the people she called family her whole life. The last 5 years have taken there toll on Faith. Battle scarred and weary, life is a uphill battle and surviving it has sucked every bit of life out of her. When suddenly faced with Ryker's return she erects walls to avoid the pain his presence causes her, but also to avoid the look of disgust and disappointment he will have for her.

Will the truth about that fateful night come to light? Will Ryker and Faith's love for each other still smoulder? but most importantly will they like the person that faces them when all is said and done?

This is such an emotional read for an MC book. Yes there are lots of club politics. Some of this book runs alongside book 1, so we know it's going to be gritty and raw; but this book was just on a whole other level emotionally to book 1. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved book 1 (I gave it 5 stars)but this was definitely more poignant I suppose.

My heart broke for these 2 characters. They lost each other in the most horrific night. They also lost themselves and this really is a story about finding themselves, reconnecting with their friends and family and then forgiving each other for the mistakes and misunderstanding from the past. Their love is a strong one but it is a battle to rediscover it due to the different people they have become. Stacey Lynn's writing ensures that you feel every last one of those emotions, it will make you sick with angst and fluttery with love.

If you love your MC books this is definitely a series to get on board with. The secondary characters are as interesting as the central characters and I cant wait to see where Stacey will take us next. I hope it is in the direction of a certain badass called Jaden.


Perusing Princesses
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