Playing in the Rain by Jane Harvey-Berrick



Ava Lawton can’t believe her run of bad luck. It’s supposed to be an exciting time in her life: fresh out of college, living in a new state, with a new job, and away from her family at last.

But when she’s forced to quit her job, everything falls apart quickly. Suddenly, she’s alone in a crowd, with no one to turn to.

At her lowest point, a stranger gives her a message that brings her hope.

Now is the time to live life her own way.

Now is the time to choose to be happy.

And maybe it’s time to let a beautiful stranger be part of her life

Kelly - 4 Crowns


'Inspiring, touching and emotional. Playing in the Rain is a beautiful love story that focuses on living life to the fullest, and one that stays with you long after the final page.' ~ Kelly, Perusing Princesses

My heart hurts, my eyes are red and puffy and I am in dire need of a hug followed by a stiff vodka. My goodness me, what a beautiful, uplifting and emotional love story. If Playing in the Rain has taught me anything, it's that life is precious and time, however long, however short, will always be working against us.

This may be a shorter story than what we're used to from Jane Harvey-Berrick, but it doesn't make it any less compelling. These characters and this storyline has just found a special place in my heart. It made me laugh and cry. It made my heart feel light and airy in one moment, only for the next to ache and break into a thousand tiny pieces.

Cody is a beautiful, selfless character who I fell for almost immediately. He is handsome but humble, innocent and kind, strong and passionate but he is hiding something behind those stunning blues and as the story progresses, it's not difficult for the reader to figure out what that may be...

Ava is living an unfulfilled life mapped out by her controlling Father. Her job as an accountant may pay the bills but it was never 'her' dream. When a young man and a very wet dog enters her life one rainy day she never envisioned how much he was to change her. She never gave much thought to her predicament until Cody shows her that life really is for the taking. Of making your own choices and putting aside those reservations and setting yourself free. His positive and carefree outlook may be somewhat naive but his energy and compassion for others is rare and addictive. Like a guardian angel paving the way to something more, something real, to prove that dreams can come true if you are brave enough to reach for them.

Sunsets and stars, sand and sea, sunshine and rain, this story incorporated all the most beautiful things in the world, and I held it in my hands, if only for a little while.

Read it!!!          




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