Piper Day's Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney by Vanessa Fewings & Christina Cannarella



Finding romance in the world’s most glamorous city isn’t easy.


For Piper Day, fresh in town to work as a studio nurse on one of Hollywood’s busiest backlots, finding love seems impossible. Two men who couldn’t be more different vie for her affection: a wildly wealthy actor who gleefully bathes in the adoration of his public and a sweet, humble teacher who works at the on-lot childcare center. Throw in the task of having to avoid one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities or risk losing her job, Piper’s life is anything but smooth sailing.


On any given day, Piper can be helping a patient on the dusty set of a western or on the futuristic bridge of a starship or in the plush office of a studio executive. She never knows where a nurse will be needed once she enters the legendary gates of Gemstone Studios.


These are the adventures of Piper Day, a life where reality and fantasy tango in the dream-soaked world of Tinseltown.



Kelly - 4 Crowns

Get ready to roll out the red carpet as Piper Day will captivate audiences from 16 to 60 in what is a feel good, fun and refreshing read delivered in true Oscar winning style. – Kelly, Perusing Princesses


This was such a fun and refreshing story. Piper Day is a real sweetheart who finds herself in quite a few unfortunate predicaments that will have you laughing your pretty little head off. If you a looking for an easy, angst free, feel good factor read then this is definitely one for you!


What I loved about Piper is that she was ‘real.’ An ER nurse who makes it her mission in life to help others. Her passionate, selfless demeanour gave this story a true sense of realism; considering the backdrop of this tale is set amidst one of the most prestigious studio lots in Hollywood, credibility was important and I feel the authors injected those elements perfectly.


From the very humorous opening scenes with ‘Le George’ to the end credits, this comedy romance is sure to captivate anyone with a penchant for ‘celebrity meets girl next door,’ and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


This is one of those novels that makes for a perfect holiday read with no hidden drama, just a sense of exhilarating fun with a strong friendship theme running throughout.


4 ‘Scrubs to Glitz and Glamour’ Starry Crowns.






Perusing Princesses
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