Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C.



Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend. Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Accountant slash bartender slash adventure-seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and can’t say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer: keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend.

Listening to music, traveling the world, and jumping off cliffs is fun. Falling in love is even better. But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim, Reg will need to help him realize there’s nothing pretend about their relationship.

Emma- 3.75 Crowns


I love a good romance, throw in a rock star and I am very happy. This is my first Cardeno C. read. I am very open minded when I choose stories that I think I will enjoy and although it not a genre I read a huge amount of, I do enjoy a good M/M book now and then.

Jeremy Jameson is a huge rock star, he also hails from Hollywood royalty and has grown up surrounded by the fake L.A life. Needing time out to clear his head, he finds himself in a small town off the beaten track. Deciding to drown his sorrows he stops at the local bar and soon strikes up conversation with the bar tender Reggie. He spends all night hearing funny stories from Reggie's past and before he knows it, the bar is closing and he is feeling the effects of his alcohol consumption.

Reg offers him a couch to crash on and during even more drinking and enjoying the company of someone who doesn't care or want his fame, he makes Reg the offer of a lifetime. Join him on tour for the next 6 months and "pretend" to be his boyfriend. Reg can't believe the opportunity he is being given, he gets to travel the world and spend time with a guy that he feels an instant connection with. Shame Jeremy's straight... Or is he?

This really is a heart warming story. Both characters are likeable but in such different ways.

Jeremy, is this famous rock star with the world at his feet. Having dated a string of beautiful women, he has never found one that he either connects with or that doesn't want him for the boost it can give to their career. At 31, he is lonely and just craves companionship, friendship and loyalty. Reg is the total opposite to Jeremy. Built, confident, adventurous, happy go lucky and very comfortable with his sexuality. He has a really dominant personality, without being domineering and actually is the perfect fit for Jeremy.

It was lovely to see their relationship grow and to watch in particular Jeremy's realisation that his past failures with women may actually be down to the fact that he is in fact gay. He is needy and craves love and attention, luckily he has found Reg who is someone that is a natural giver (please ladies/men - I don't mean it like that) and enjoys looking after Jeremy and keeping him safe, secure and grounded.

If you want to read a story of self discovery, friendship, love and loyalty as well as some hot M/M scenes; Perfect imperfections is the perfect (excuse the pun!) easy read :)  



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