One Love (Gypsy Brothers MC, #7) 
by Lili Saint Germain



*The final book in the #1 iBooks bestselling Gypsy Brothers series*

Will Julz complete her mission for vengeance against the Gypsy Brothers? Or is Dornan still one step ahead?

More shocking secrets will come to light and lives will be lost in this final, devastating instalment of the Gypsy Brothers series.

Emma - 4.75 Crowns


Book 7 in the Gypsy Brothers series. This Novella is the concluding part of a continual series and therefore the series should be read in the order in which it was written.

And so we come to One Love. 5 of the 6 brothers are dead but Dornan Ross and the remaining son Donny, last on Juliette's hit list, are still alive. With her and Jase now detained by the CIA, how will she save Elliott's ex and his daughter from the evil clutches of Dornan and of course complete the mission she started 6 years ago. She knows that at the end of this journey only one will triumph.... she just hopes it is her!

Once again we are plunged into the a world of criminals and evil. Dornan has his hand in all the pies so the CIA are not going to stop him from finding his target and destroying her. One thing we have learnt about Juliette though, is that her need for revenge makes her the biggest adversary that Dornan has ever faced; This beautiful young woman will go down fighting, for herself, for the people she has lost and for the few that she loves with her whole heart.

This is a gripping conclusion and will make your heart beat fast and your eyes read even faster. I was unable to put the book down as this series reached it's gripping crescendo. I want to write more at this point especially as to my reason for deducted .25 in my rating but this would just give far to much away and I am not prepared to ruin this amazing book for anyone wanting to read it.

We all know that this isn't the total end of the story in the world that Lili has created. With the upcoming (prequel) Cartel series. Let me tell you that there is another little surprise at the end of this book which I feel is needed and I am glad that as a storyteller Lili has recognised that.

It has been one hell of a journey and Lili should be immensely proud of the story and characters she has created. This is one series that I can wholeheartedly say would transfer onto the screen and be HUGE with both women and men. It contains so much action, raw emotion and violence that would keep everyone on the edge of there seats. 

I now sit and wait patiently for Cartel as I mourn the conclusion of an EPIC series.


Kelly - 5 Crowns


An abhorrent crime. An act of vengeance. A Love forged in Darkness. Juliette, Jase and Elliott are back in this incredible final INSTALMENT to the Gypsy Brothers MC, as the war on retribution peaks to an all new high.

But who will be left standing?

To say this has been one hell of a journey on the crazy train would be an understatement! This series in all its explosive bloody glory has really set a new precedent when it comes to dark MC fiction. Gritty, powerful and totally unforgettable, Lili Saint Germain is a force to be reckoned with. And... this is only just the beginning.




Elizabeth - 5 Crowns


What a hell of a ride Lili St. Germain has taken us on with the Gypsy Brothers MC.


This concluding part is gruesome, just as the journey was... Bloody, vengeful, and oh so good!


I can not wait for the Cartel series. Thanks Lily! <3

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