One Kiss with a Rock Star (Half-Life, #2)

Amber Lin and Shari Slade



Half-Life bassist Krist Mellas is caught in a PR nightmare after his dirty sex video blew up online. His agent has the solution: a fake engagement with sultry pop princess Madeline Fox. Krist can’t think of anything worse than a charade with the bubblegum bombshell…except losing the band.

Madeline knows better than anyone what it means to live a lie in the spotlight. She’s determined to help Krist without ever letting him find out what it costs her—or about her girlhood crush on him. But after a smoking hot back alley encounter with him leaves her breathless, she can’t deny she wants the snarling bad-boy rocker.

In a world of glitter and diamonds where the kisses are fake but the climaxes are real, their facades start to crack. And the publicity storm may shatter them both.

WARNING: This book contains a scorching threesome, a dirty talking pop princess, and a surly rocker who hits all the right notes.



Emma - 3.75 Crowns


Book 2 in the Half-life series.


This is a series about the members of the huge rock band Half-Life. Every book is about a different member and I know that some people will read this as a standalone, however I strongly recommend reading in the order in which they are wrote. This is Krist's story and although not a continuation as such, events that happened in book 1 play a factor in this one.

Krist is lost, alienated from his fans and isolated from his bandmates following the leaking of the now infamous sex tape. Krist now finds himself the target of negative press and the focus of the paparazzi. To make matters worse his best friend and band brother Locke feels a million miles away. Things are not as they should be for Half-Life and Krist is blaming himself.

Madeline Fox is the Princess of bubblegum pop. 19 and already tired and cynical of the scene she presides over, she has been spicing it up; drugs, drink and sex - this Princess is determined not to be the Angel that her record company like to market her as. Her Record company are pulling on her leash but she just pulls back even harder.

Two music stars in the need for some positive press, and One shared Agent determined to save her threatened clients. What happens when a relationship is faked for the cameras? Will this be the chance for them both to find what they are looking for? Or will it all come crashing down in front of the eyes of the world?

I really liked Krist in book 1 and felt he was treated pretty poorly by Locke. That continued for me in this book. Obviously dealing with his feelings for Locke and his sexuality as well as the press intrusion has left Krist feeling lost and very isolated from his band; the one thing he has always relied on. When his Agent sets up an "Engagement" with the latest big thing in pop, he is loath to go-along with it. He also knows though that he has no choice if he wants to save his band.

Madeline is young in age but much older in experience. Worked like a slave by her record company since being a young and impressionable 14 year old, she is rebelling big time. When threats are made to drop her from her label, her agent arranges a fake relationship with Krist from Half-Life and she is over the moon. A secret fan girl, she is determined to help Krist out of the position he has found himself in. I really loved how caring and understanding she was towards Krist, she was determined to protect him, even when he is a total arse towards her.

I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed watching the change in both characters and how their relationship developed. The storyline for me wasn't quite as good as 3 nights with a Rock Star but having said that I much preferred Krist as a character than Locke. There are lots of hot moments as well as reflection for both characters and I liked that combination; although I was also a little lost as to how his relationship with Locke stood at the end of the book and also his bi-sexuality which I thought was a little glossed over. 

So onto book 3 and the drummer Moe's book. I think from the little insights we get about him in this book that it should be a hell of a ride. I look forward to it and I hope that we see where Half-Life are and that they resolve the issues that divide them.

For lovers of Rock Star romance you will enjoy this book and the drama that is Half-Life.






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