On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

This book truly hooked me just at the epilogue! It was a great read... Smooth and real. I felt their emotions and was affected by them. Then of course, the sock to the stomach that made me sit up in bed at 3 am with "noooooooo" silently escaping my mouth.. And then of course making me pull an all nighter to finish this book... I finished it in a few hours after I started it... It was just that good!!


Kelly - 5 crowns

Jocelyn Butler led a privileged life. Her parents had a solid marriage, and her little baby Sister was a joyful addition to their perfect family. One day, when Jocelyn was fourteen - everything changed!

Four years later, Jocelyn decides to leave her demons behind in America and up sticks to her Mother’s homeland of Edinburgh in Scotland, to attend University.

With the painful memories of her past continually invading her thoughts, and her inner steel trap-door burying past secrets, Joss does everything she can to keep everybody at arms length. 'If you don’t get close, you can’t get hurt' was her motto, and it worked – until she made a friend in her new room mate, Ellie Carmichael, in the more ‘exclusive’ part of town.

Living in a newly refurbished property was a luxury that Joss could afford. It also provided a perfect place to continue writing her book. Everything was looking up, that is until her world gets turned upside down, when Ellie’s older and very protective Brother enters her world – the very charismatic, wealthy businessman, Mr Braden Carmichael.

Braden, a renowned playboy, not regularly spotted without a tall blond bombshell on his arm, is fascinated with the American, and very quickly puts on the charm. However, ‘Joss’ is not like most girls, her resistance to his efforts puts forth a challenge that Braden is all too willing to accept. It is clear to him from the off-set that Jocelyn is hiding something, and it will only be a matter of time before he gets to the bottom of her issues.

Joss doesn’t want or need a relationship, but Braden’s persistence knows no bounds and as a red-blooded hormonal 20-something year old, there is only so much she can take. Braden makes an offer that Joss finds very hard to refuse - for three months she is his, three months for Braden to get under her skin, and three months for Joss to prove to Braden, that she will still be able to send him packing after their contract expires.

Drama (and boy, do I mean drama), unfolds along the way and puts Joss and Braden’s ‘agreement’ to the test, and find out what happens when further tragedy threatens the things that finally start to mean something to Joss. How will she cope? And will her old Demons decide to rear their ugly head, and destroy everything she had finally started to put her trust in.

This is a riveting, emotional and profoundly written book that gripped me from page one, had me turning those pages long into the night, and finished by lunchtime the next day. Jocelyn is not your usual book heroine, she has some serious attachment issues, and at times I wanted to shake her, nevertheless she was likeable and to watch her transform in her journey was a pleasure to witness.

Braden, WOW! Now that boy with his alpha-male ‘caveman’ attitude and Scottish Brogue is more than enough to make us female readers swoon within the depths of those pages. He is an amazing character who had incredible insight to Jocelyn’s emotions, and his protectiveness and love for his family is valiant. I absolutely loved him.

This book has some very hot intimate moments, which, if I am honest, left me a little breathless. Braden, what have you done to me?! Simply Wonderful!

Bared to You (by Sylvia Day) fans, will like this book, 

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