Naked by Raine Miller

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Sweet lord Ethan is intense!! And this story is soooo intriguing.... But ends off a Thank the lord

book two was waiting already or I would have screamed bloody murder... 

Joanne - 4 handcuffs 

Fans of The crossfire series will definitely love this book. The only problem I had was that is just to short at 140 pages. I don't know why the series couldn't be released in one book. 

Kelly - 4 handcuffs

WOW! That was unexpected, what a great start to a new series. Fans of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series will love this!

We meet Brynne, the American Girl over in England studying as an art restorer, but in her free time she does nude photographic modelling for her good friend Benny. It also helps pay the rent on her flat in Southwark.

When Benny hosts a show, its no surprise that her partially nude canvas sells like a delicious hot cake, into the hands of a successful businessman in the city, called Ethan Blackstone. As he stakes his claim on her canvas, he can't help but acknowledge the woman across the room, the beautiful girl that casts an uncanny resemblance to the one in his acquired artwork, as he sets out to push that claim, a little further. Enthralled by this girl, he wants to get to know her, and its only a matter of time before he makes her, his.

Brynne is taken with his forward demeanour and his no bull attitude. Ethan is a taker, what he sees is what he gets, the ever ruthless businessman and pursuing his desires for Brynne is no exception, but yet, shes running scared. He intimidates her and makes her weak with desire in the same breath, her confusion and fears stem from a past occurrence that has seen her in therapy for the last six years. For she has scars, and she isn't ready to open them just yet.

When Ethan makes his desires known, with the promise that he can be trusted - after all, he does provide security for the elite, his company a world leader in its field. Especially with the approaching 2012 Olympics on contract, Brynne starts to relax and take advantage of all the gifted talents he has to offer.

Just as things start to look spritely, Brynne's past starts to rear its head, and maybe Ethan hasn't been totally honest with the woman he is falling in love with after all....


This book is sweltering hot, with a heroine that is likeable and an alpha male that got me well and truly hot under the collar. I would have given this book five stars, if it wasn't for the fact its another 'teaser' series. With that I mean, its literally one novel being broken down into itsy bitsy pieces. Many erotica authors are taking this angle lately, and its bugging the hell out of me. Write a book, release the book and let the reader enjoy it in its entirety, because quite frankly, this book is awesome, and if I had the whole thing in my kindle, I probably would have read it all in one go until stupid AM, and gave it a mindblowing 5 stars. Nevertheless, regardless of my little rant, I am definitely rolling with the rest of this series, because I absolutely loved it!

4 cuffs.

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