Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Ms. Ashley never disappoints... Luved it... Rockers and cowgirls, first loves.. Sweet!

Kelly - 4.5 crowns


There is no finer way of jumping into the works of a new author, knowing it’s a ride with a rockstar outfit - A fast, hard-rocking ride with badass, beefy, tattooed heavy-metallers, Runaway Train. My Katie Ashley cherry has been popped with a combination of sass and swoon that transpired in 0 to 60 seconds flat. Yep, it’s fast paced, light-hearted, amusingly laugh-out loud funny, combined with moments of true heart-warming tenderness, as we witness the magic that is ‘falling in love’ for the very first time.

Jake Slater is the notoriously egotistic promiscuous lead-singer of world-renowned rockers, Runaway Train. Women are nothing more than a pleasurable 30-minute distraction just to pass the time while sticking to gruelling tour schedules as life resumes once more on the road.

21-year old Abby Renard was raised in a family with strong christian values - the virginal southern girl, living life down the straight and narrow. Also the youngest sibling of successful Christian rock band, Jacob’s Ladder.

After her oldest brother Micha announces he is soon to leave the band to settle down with his childhood sweetheart, Abby is initiated into the group as their new vocalist / guitarist. Dragging her heavy suitcase and strapped guitar to the tour coaches at one of the world’s largest festivals, Rock Nation, her goal was simple; find the coach, hang around for a week to get a feel for life on the road, and partake in a few joint performances to complete her initiation. But all that goes terribly wrong, when a distracted Roadie takes her to the wrong tour bus...

Assuming her Brothers are napping in the bunks, she makes herself comfortable, only to doze off and wake up an hour later to find the coach travelling down a deserted highway. Making her way to the back bedroom she falls into bed, only then to be molested by a god, in the form of rock-star extraordinaire, Jake Slater.

Jake assumes it’s his groupie regular, Bree, making another reappearance, as he starts to get frisky with the girl lying beside him, only then to realise he is very much mistaken when he gets nailed in the junk by a pair of cowboy boots.

A blatantly innocent mistake turns to panic when Abby realises she has potentially destroyed Jacob Ladder’s tour plans, but she is miles away from their next tour stop while continuing to travel in the opposite direction.

With her inability to filter her disgust at all the sexual innuendos, Abby and Jake goad each other constantly. When he dares her to stay on his bus for a week, to prove that she hasn’t got ‘what it takes’ to be a rock-star and tour with a group of guys, she relents – after all, he’s an idiot and having been brought up with three Brothers, she knows how to hold her own!

When Jake receives some devastating news that rocks his world to the core, Abby can’t help but feel the need to comfort him, as her selfless personality and strong Christian values make her reach out to the broken guy in front of her.

As friendship turns to close companionship, Abby realises there is more to Jake than just his bad-boy rock-star antics, as he proves that he really is capable of showing emotion. When they start to collaborate on music together, it only strengthens their special connection, but neither one of them could have ever envisioned the extent of where their feelings would take them…


Abby is a kind, selfless character, and even though her background is that of innocence and virtue, she still has a sass that makes her character believable, enabling the reader to forge a connection.

Jake is the man we all love to hate but simply can’t. There is more to him than that playboy exterior as he fights to hide the emotional turmoil and self-loathing disgust he feels at some of his actions. Afterall… Abby is an Angel; she fell into his life as an Angel would fall from Heaven, her light too beautiful to touch his darkness as she makes him question himself when he starts to feel unworthy of her attentions. She may be an amateur when it comes to matters of the heart, but she knows what love is when she sees it and she isn’t giving up.

A beautifully crafted love story that had me grinning like a lovesick teenager, just prepare yourself for the last 10-15%, you may need a tissue or two…

Awaiting patiently for my next ride on this Runaway Train...

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