Misjudged (Misjudged, #1) by Sarah Elizabeth



It was one night.

One night of pure intimacy, with a guy she knew nothing about, that couldn’t have prepared her for the next chapter in her life.

But will it be for better, or for worse?

Eighteen year old Alexis Harper is a smart, attractive and ambitious young woman with great friends, a doting father and a scholarship at one of Washington State’s most prestigious Performing Arts Colleges.

When the mysterious stranger makes his arrival in her life, she’s captivated by him. She’s intrigued by his past and more so by what the future could possibly hold for them.

Meet Brandon Taylor.

A damaged and confused twenty year old who is grieving for the life he once had.

He didn’t think for one moment that he could ever find happiness, and he didn’t want to. He was happy living within the high walls he’d barricaded around himself. It felt safe.

When Alexis and Brandon’s worlds collide, nobody could have prepared them for the emotional rollercoaster they were about to board together.

With love, loss, deceit and betrayal abound, it’s pretty hard to trust even those closest to you, as both Brandon and Alexis are soon to find out.

Kelly - 3.5 Crowns


A college based love story between a sweet, naive girl and a beautiful boy with a tortured soul. This was a very enjoyable YA read and although a little juvenile in places, I really fell for Brandon. His dark torment, and aire of deep mystery kept this story entertaining and slightly unpredictable which is very important in this market-saturated genre.

As far as college romances go, this was definitely well thought out and executed well, albeit the editing could have been better.


Alexis is the model student. Her dream of the theatre and persuing her love of acting is the only connection left to her deceased Mother.

She has a great group of friends, three who are college dorm room mates. Her life may be a little predictable, but Alex has never needed more. Her only relationship to Matt ended disastrously, and it wasn't even that serious...so men have become a distraction she definitely doesnt need. However, a masked ball is about to change everything.

Brandon is trying to put his life back together after one mistake took everything from him. He carries a heavy burden on his shoulders and a need to seek the truth and find closure on an event that destroyed his life.

He never thought for one second he could learn to love another, or even let anyone close until he sets eyes on her. Desperate to feel..something, he persues the beauty, hoping her light can soothe him...just for a little while.

One night together is all it takes to entwine their worlds. A deep intimacy consumes them both but with Alex wanting to push forward and Brandon pulling away, their newfound connection comes with a lot of confusion and ultimately... heartbreak.

They say the truth will set you free... and until Brandon seeks it, Alexia is concerned that whatever it is he is hiding...it may just destroy them both.


I am coming to realise that the late teen college NA/YA genre is beginning to run its course for me. As much as I adore this author and believe she has delivered a very good plot with interesting characters, I didn't love the heroine and all the drama that came with her. Maybe I'm just getting old...

Okay, so I appreciate that first love is beautiful as much as it is confusing and painful, and very difficult when with someone who can't seem to let go of the past. But, the to-ing and fro-ing felt like a game of tug and war which nobody seemed destined to win.

The first half of the story was a struggle, but the second certainly made up for it. By the end my heart was in my throat which went to prove that I did actually come to care for these characters very much. I had to read that prologue to book two so major kudos to Sarah Elizabeth for keeping me glued to my kindle in the final stages. It will be very interesting to see where the characters go from here on out as the story and the characters did go from strength to strength.

This book will be greatly suited if you enjoy the all encompassing first love turmoil. Parts are unique and beautiful, whereas others confusing and off-kilter. All in all, it was a good story and I'm not for one second saying it isn't, I just expected a little more... although as I say that, book two may just shine a light and may prove even better as more of the 'mystery' is unveiled. 




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