Making the Cut (Selected Sinners MC, #1)

by SD Hildreth

Determined to remove herself from the rules regulations of her overbearing religious parents, Avery escapes to college and is determined to make it on her own. Working as a bartender, and mere weeks before her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with thirty members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.  

She had no idea when the President of the club walked in she'd go weak in the knees for the gorgeous tattooed biker. 

Axton (aka Slice) is the President of the Selected Sinners MC. At the onset of a huge gun deal with a notorious prison gang, he has no time or desire to have a woman in his life.   Abused by his Hell's Angel father as a child, and wronged by every woman in his past, Axton has one devotion - the MC. 

After finding out he needs Avery's Criminal Justice education and her linguistic skills to assist in making the gun deal a success, Axton reluctantly approaches her to act as his interpreter. 

Hoping to win Axton over, Avery attempts to turn off her smart mouth, turn on her charm, and become his woman of interest; even if it means sacrificing a level of independence she's grown accustomed to. 

But when the gun deal goes to hell in an hand basket, both Avery and Axton are left wondering what their next move may be. 



A titillating and profound read with some great defining moments.

'The Devil Looks After His Own.'

I am not going to sugar coat it, as far as MC reads go this isn't a cut above the rest in terms of the MC literary top contenders but as my first read by SD Hildreth I have to say, the man can write!

Axton (Slice) is a sound voice, even though at times he comes across as a complete neanderthal destined to live a life without the stress of 'Ol Lady' politics; his love for the club and his mindset in the art of 1%er Presidency was solid and deeply profound. His words and ideals resonated strongly with me and I loved that side of him. I have nearly every opening passage of his POV highlighted which proves he is an interesting and multifaceted character.

So why the 3 stars? Well... 3 isn't all bad in my opinion but there were some scenes that I felt could have been verbalised better and further elaborated on, to make it less crass and appeal more to the masses. Maybe I'm losing my sense of humour but is there really ever a case where bikers measure their dicks to compete in a shagfest with one deluded and super easy college room mate? Umm... I dunno, it just felt that some scenes didn't gel well at times, therefore not adding anything to the story.

Avery is ballsy. As far as heroines go she was a strong, straight-talking chick with a penchant for bad-boys. Hell... I can relate! But I would have liked a deeper connection between her and Axton, and although I'm not talking puppies and rainbows, I still felt I was watching their relationship from afar instead of being thrown into the roaring pits of lust filled adoration, love and despair.

But Avery didn't always work for me, she could often come across a little bitter and fickle with her inner musings, and it left me a little perturbed to be honest because I really wanted to love everything about her.

This isn't what I would call a dark read even though it touches upon some serious and disturbing subject matters. I still felt it needed more description, flowing dialogue and more angst.

Overall though, this is an entertaining read with some interesting characters, just a little anti-climatic for my tastes. 



Kelly  - 3 Crowns

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