Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

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Be prepared to embark on a very beautiful journey…

Ryan Christensen is an A-List Hollywood actor who is wrapping up a second movie in the 'Seaside' trilogy based on 3 successful books. His presence, along with his co-workers are causing a bit of a stir in Rhode Island; attracting hundreds of screaming girls, paparazzi and reporters, it’s no wonder that the Hot, Hunky Celeb is feeling the heat.

Taryn Mitchell is a 27 year old pub owner in Rhode Island who never cared for the spotlight. She thinks the obsessive nature of half clad screaming girls is not only an inconvenience but a pathetic weakness of the fairer sex and wished the film would just wrap up already. The sooner things got back to normal in her hometown, the better!

Upon changing her live entertainment board outside of her pub one sunny afternoon, she hears a commotion and looks up to see the highly sort-after actor running for his life – literally! Following behind is a pack of screaming fans and paparazzi and before she gets mowed down by the A-list himself he runs into her empty pub. Aiming for the back door, he takes a wrong turn and ends up in her stairwell which leads to her private apartment. As the crowd descends into her precious old-world charm pub, she takes the initiative to divert them by saying he ran out the back door – and well, she wasn’t officially open for the day.


Locking up her pub and pulling the blinds, she then seeks out her visitor. She encounters Ryan, but isn’t quite prepared to see him shaking, bleeding, t-shirt torn and distraught. Taryn automatically feels the need to protect him and does the one thing that any normal person would do. She gives him a beer, followed by a few shots of whiskey to help calm his nerves and challenges him to a game of pool.

As the afternoon progresses, Ryan and Taryn start to relax in each-others company, chatting animatedly they soon start to realise that they have a lot in common. Ryan finds the interaction refreshing and is even more surprised when Taryn tells him that she has never seen any of his movies.

From this moment on, we see a Friendship bloom between the unlikely pair. However, it doesn’t come without its problems and it soon becomes apparent that living within the limelight can have horrifying affects.


Tina Reber has done an incredible job as she throws two sweet people into the throes of two completely different worlds. Will their friendship survive? Will their blossoming Love conquer all? Well I’m not telling you, you need to take this journey by yourself, and I hope (like me), you will be so pleased that you did.

This is a pleasantly long read that captivated me and still had me turning those pages with relish. You route for Ryan and Taryn all the way through and hope and pray they make it. Book 2 will be called Love Unrehearsed, and I cannot wait to continue the journey with 2 very loveable, strong characters.

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