Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

I truly truly loved this book... It was great seeing Ryan and Taryn grow and really become strong partners... Chapter 11 is just hot! And the story really went into some unexpected story lines which was really refreshing.

Here is my only gripe... After living and loving these character through 2 books, and highly anticipating their joyous union in marriage, their honeymoon and life afterwards... I felt 100% cheated that the book just fast forwards like 3 years! I feel like I missed sooooo much love and depth and great moments with these two. I know it might have added 1000 extra pages, but still, it just seems that lots of authors are adopting this "fast forward" process near the end of their books. And it just doesn't feel right....

Regardless of that the ending is still wonderful and the book is truly amazing and a great "happy the end" for these characters..

Kelly - 5 crowns

I waited a few hours before writing this review, simply because after I finished it, I had to take a deep breath to regulate my heartbeat and hug my kindle to my chest while a huge happy smile exploded across my face. It was also a little bittersweet, because I had come to the end of an incredible journey, with two of my favourite characters, the lovely Ryan and Taryn.

The most beautiful thing about this book was playing witness to the growth of each character. They had come a long way as the ultimate sacrifice of Ryan’s fame was already paid towards the end of Love Unscripted, and this sequel, Love Unrehearsed plays testament to how true love really can conquer all. The love and support that Ryan and Taryn both hold for each-other is almost heroic and what made this book a truly exceptional read. Yes, there are a few knocks and bumps along the way – well okay, a little more than a few, but each scenario that played out was met with maturity and an understanding that helped to make their relationship foundations even stronger.

Love Unrehearsed starts off pretty much a week or so where Unscripted left off. Taryn is now a firm fixture within Ryan’s entourage but her presence is still met with trepidation and new fears develop with regards to their engagement between Ryan’s managers and press agents. Close friends and family are the only support system Ryan and Taryn can believe in, but things become difficult when Taryn is met with the dilemma that she is slowly becoming a celebrity herself. Being engaged to the most eligible A-Star Hollywood actor will always have its consequences. Crazed fans, paparazzi, stalkers and a hidden family secret throws Taryn back into the depths of drama 101 but the only difference this time is that Ryan isn’t taking any chances. He loves Taryn and by making her his total number one priority could prove potentially dangerous and destroy everything he has worked for…

Follow Ryan and Taryn as they embark on their next chapter, and revel in the magic of how a small town girl captured the heart of a boy the day he ran into her pub. The boy, who just so happens to make movies for a living.

Watch out for the epilogue, it’s pure swoonworthy beauty. An Incredible story that is wonderfully written and makes you fall in love all over again, with words. Tina Reber, you are undoubtedly one very talented lady, and I am so pleased that I found you.

5 Mega Epic Worthy Swoony Shiny Crowns.

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