Love That Defies Us (Devil's Dust Novella)

by M.N. Forgy

Dani has taken the role of a mother easily, and is loving the title ‘wife to be.’ But with that happiness, comes complications. Having children, and a fiancé involved in a motorcycle club, has her and Shadow becoming distant, and missing their sexy escapades. A spark that was once a vibrant flame is now a suppressing ember.

Shadow knows he has not been there for Dani, not like he should be. Doing the dirty work of the club, and taking on the responsibilities of Vice President of The Devil’s Dust, he’s had his hands full.

With violent murders unfolding around the club, it has thrown town locals into a panic. What they didn’t expect was for them to get caught up in the carnage.

Can Dani and Shadow survive the distance that has been wedged between them, or will it have them questioning their imminent marriage?


A Devil's Dust MC series Novella. To be read after Books 1 & 2 in this awesome series. 

What happens after the HEA? Love That Defies Us explores that question for Shadow and Dani and it is done in the style we have come to expect from the talented M.N Forgy.

2 years on from the conclusion of The Scars That Define Us, Shadow and Dani are living in relationship bliss; or are they? With a young child and another on its way very soon. Our dark duo are feeling the strain of juggling a young family and the demands of Shadow's position of VP within the MC. With Shadow often kept away from his family and Dani heavily pregnant, distance is taking its toll on them both and they both miss the connection that they once shared.

Will the club finally tear them to pieces? Or will it be a face from the past that breaks their loving family apart? - you are just going to have to read it yourself to get the answers.

I really enjoyed this quick and sexy read. I love the dynamic of this pair and the way their journey was told originally had me super invested in them as a couple. With these type of books you often find yourself asking... What happened to them? This Valentine themed Novella answers that question whilst sprinkling it with the darkness you expect from the series. As much as you get to see Shadow's light, you will see the dark in Dani. This couple really are each others Yin and Yang and this book reinforced that for me.

We also get a peek at the adorable Bobby and it makes me salivate even more at the thought of his book coming very soon - I am so bloody excited!

A quick, sexy read, Devil's Dust Style - A great addition to this fantastic MC series


Elizabeth  - 4 Crowns


This was a great Novella... back in Dani and Shadow's world. It was great to see them in their new life again... and M.N. Forgy managed to pull off some truly hot, and a nail biting scenes in a novella!!
Great fast read!

Emma  - 4 Crowns

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