Love Left Behind by S.H Kolee

Kelly - 3

A poignant read, that will push those buttons and take you for a little spin on the emotional rollercoaster. Watch out for the bumps and buckle up tight!

Emma Mills was your ordinary, girl next door, all humble American pie, twenty four year old. She has a doting Fiancé,’ her Mother is a charity support worker, and she goes to church. But one day, Emma had an epiphany. The man she was due to marry wasn’t the love of her life, and the person her Mother wanted her to be, wasn’t the woman she wanted to see in the mirror every morning – in fact Emma Mills was, quite frankly... miserable!

Plucking up enough courage to break her wedding off, a month before walking down the aisle, and moving from DC to New York was a daunting prospect, but one that Emma had to do, otherwise her envisions of a half fulfilled life as a lonely housewife would ring true, and Emma made a promise to herself that she couldn’t let that happen.

Moving into an Apartment with a friend of the family that she had never met came in the form of Claire, an attractive young actress who is currently starring in a play on the East Side of town. When Claire introduces Emma to her close-knit circle of friends, she can’t help but notice Jackson, Claire’s irresistible co-star.

Promising that her move was solely to find herself again, and work her way up the career ladder, Claire decides that if she was to have a fling, then Jackson was her man. However, Jackson and Emma soon both realise, and quickly, that stoking the fires of unrequited passion can come with consequences… it infects the heart!

As a passion fuelled romance blossoms, Emma and Jackson have to learn to juggle work commitments, friendships and the looming prospect of separation – after all, Jackson has just received a call, and one that could take him all the way to Hollywood!

Just as things start to look rosy, the tinted glasses take a nosedive, when Sean, her ex fiancé,’ makes a phone call. One that could change everything...


Oh Emma, Emma, Emma, there were times when I could have strangled you. Times when I wanted to hug you, and times when I was just, blah… What can I say? I’m sorry, but there were times when I just didn’t like her. I wanted to, trust me I really wanted to LOVE this book because some parts of it were incredible. In fact it started on a real high for me, and I was singing ‘Yes, Finally! A book that has all the right elements, with a little heart-wrenching angst thrown in for good measure,’ and we all know I love my angst! But this just didn’t do it for me because of one detail - one small detail that lingered and festered, and made this book too long.

Emma’s ideals and inner reasoning’s gave me whiplash and she continued to annoy me. You could blame her naivety, and her notion for being quite a self-righteous character on occasions as she would make decisions based on the belief that she was doing it for the ‘greater good’ to help those she loved, when in-fact she was hurting everyone that loved her, including herself.

I think at one point I was shouting at my Kindle, “Spit it out woman, for God’s sake just bloody ask him!”

On the other hand, Jackson was a great character. He was hotter than hell and the love he felt for Emma was so true and heartfelt and warm enough for the reader to bask in, it’s just a shame that it took Emma a very long time to truly believe in it – hence the strangling!

Its hard to rate this book, simply because SH Kolee did her job! She got a rise out of me, and as an avid reader I cannot emphasise enough how important that is. So on that basis alone it makes this a well-written story and worth the time investment. For me personally, however, Emma just pushed my tolerance level a little too far.

Regardless, there were certain elements of this book; especially the steam factor, that I really enjoyed and I would read more of S.H Kolee’s work in the future.

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