Love Brewing (Love Brothers, #3)

by Liz Crowe

A Family Saga with humor, heat and heart--not to mention beer, bourbon and basketball!

Every family has one—the black sheep, the problem child, the prodigal. But Dominic Sean Love could teach all of those guys a lesson or two. Stuck in the middle of a boisterous group of siblings, he’s given “acting out” a new meaning from day one.

While he’s the one son who follows his strict father’s footsteps into the Love family business, he’s also the one who butts heads with him the hardest. Their epic clashes are the stuff of family legend. But they have made peace and work side by side to take Love Brewing to the next level of success.

Until Dominic does the one thing his father can never forgive.

Diana Brantley has been Dominic’s friend, girlfriend and ex-girlfriend so many times she’s lost count. When he shows up at the farm she’s slowly transforming into a wildly popular farm-to-table resource for restaurants all over the U.S. her first impulse is to shoot first and ask questions later. But she doesn’t. And their lives entwine once more, for good, bad and ugly.


Book 3 in the awesome Love Brothers series - This is Dominic Love's story.

I have looked forward to this book from the minute I met Dominic in book 1, Love Garage. Who doesn't love a bad boy, a tortured soul, a man who lives his life saying a big fuck you to the rules. I knew this man was trouble and let me say before I go any further, Liz Crowe did not let me down.

Dominic love is the 3rd of 5 siblings. He has always been the handful, the black sheep and has always been the one to cause both Lindsay and Anton Love the most concern. Having fled the conflict that he caused in the conclusion of Coach Love, and having reached rock bottom he turns to the only person that he knows will always be there for him; his on/off childhood sweetheart Diana Brantley. His life is in turmoil and at somewhat of a crossroads, but will the love of his past become his future? Or will it just cause him more heartache and confusion?

Having divorced her cheating husband, Diana is back in Kentucky trying to forge a business out of her parents failing farm. What she doesn't need is Dominic Love showing up. Their history is tainted with his selfishness and after the final rejection and resulting blow out, she finally put their relationship to bed for good; or so she thought. She has always been the person he runs to in times of pain or when the legendary Love family fallouts took place, but she has a new life now and one that she is not going to let Dom disrupt; if only her head could convince her heart of that.

This is a story of friendship, loyalty and unconditional love. It's a story of a man who feels let down by the people that should offer their support at the hardest of times. A journey in finding himself and loving the person he is regardless of the low regard people hold him in. Finally it is about moving forward and becoming the responsible person that the past has prevented him from becoming and finding a happy place that everyone deserves to have. It will at times bring tears to your eyes.

I freaking loved this book! Every journey Liz takes you on is a emotional juggernaut but she really has cranked it right up in this book.

We are taken back into the past to look at the relationship between Dom and Diana and how that has shaped them into the people they are today. The present shows us the dreadfully low place Dom has fallen into and the friction that he has with his family; in particular his father Anton. We read about the emerging relationship he has with his own child, who after being estranged suddenly reappears in his life. Dom really does face a plethora of real life issues in this book and at times you wonder whether he can make it out to the other side and finally find the happiness that has always been just out of reach for him.

This book however doesn't just tell Dom's story, this book also takes you on a journey with Diana, the person who has been Dom's rock for so long. He has loved and broken the heart of this woman so many times but they have this connection that tethers them together; even when they try so hard to pull apart. The question is, will Diana allow Dom to spoil her life once again when so many things are going in the right direction for her at last. Well I am saying no more, you will just have to read it yourself to find out.

This book is the epitome of real life storytelling and is a fine example of Liz's unique style of romance. A 5 Crown (I need more crowns) Liz Crowe masterpiece.


Elizabeth  - 5 Crowns


This third book was epic in the LOVE Brothers saga! You knew it was going to be a battle of emotions as it focuses on Dom.. the most broken, misunderstood, swoon worthy Brother of the clan.

Liz did not disappoint! I feel like I have been beaten up and struck by Cupid's bow at the same time. The intense level of frustration and pain you feel, along with complete and utter love and devotion you just can't help but fall for Dom and his family; it just blows your mind!


This series is a must read!



Emma  - 5 Crowns

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