Lost to You, #0.5 by A.L. Jackson

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Awwwwww. Ohhhhhhh how absolutely beautiful.... Awwwwww. How could such a beautiful love get so tragic and complicated in the next book... Awwwwww. Luved this!!!


Kelly - 5 crowns

A.L Jackson delivers another curtain-raising performance with ‘Lost to you,’ the stunning prequel for ‘Take this Regret.’

I’m not generally a huge fan of prequel novellas. I tend to prefer jumping in feet first; devour a novel in its full entirety, especially when said novel is a standalone. I enjoy taking that journey where there is a start, middle and ending that delivers closure, enabling me to breathe a sigh of relief at the finale and know that I have added another magnificent book to the favourite shelf. Well… come on, this is A.L Jackson we are talking about!

However, this prequel trampled all over that concept. A.L Jackson has pure raw talent and boy, does she know how to use it. A literacy enchantress with the ability to write emotion so profound it encompasses you, surrounds you, and captivates you, as her words breathe on the page, whilst simultaneously sucking the air right out of you.

Delving into the early days of Elizabeth and Christian’s story was an absolute treat. To understand how it all started, to feel that connection and watch it grow and nurture, blooming into something so beautiful was an indulgence that I feel A.L Jackson did just for us – her fans. As I loved ‘Take this Regret’ so much, it almost felt like this book was written just for me.


Elizabeth wasn’t letting anything stand in her way, especially a good-looking womaniser who came from the opposite side of the tracks. Christian exuded wealth, power and an arrogance that was better left untouched.

Coming from a broken home, her single Mother raising both Elizabeth and her sisters, she has worked to hard to be here, in this renowned college in New York and her new American Politics partner wasn’t going to distract her in any shape or form. But, hiding behind that strong persona, there was something else… she could sense his loneliness, the ache of resentment as he strived to be the person that was expected, his future already mapped out by his controlling and over-bearing successful parents.

Christian has never felt good enough no matter how hard he studies, how hard he tries, his efforts never rewarded, only shunned as he is told to always be better. Taking refuge in Friday night partying, excessive drinking and willing sexual partners seems to be the only way to dull that ache, fill the gaping hole that his parents have gradually instilled in him since birth.

Love was not something he ever had experience in. Never having seen the signs, his excessive need to spend time with Elizabeth was not something he ever envisioned could happen. Yeah… she’s pretty, honest and intelligent, and he wants her in his bed, badly! Except Elizabeth isn’t that kind of girl. As their regular study meet-up’s and innocent banter eventually turn into friendship, as they become an outlet for each other, a support system in these difficult times.

But… what happens when you start to fall in-love with your best friend? Do you take a chance on that someone, even though you know they are not perfect, and will eventually break your heart. Or do you take a chance, knowing that they could also be the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Follow Christian and Elizabeth on the start of their journey, as it gives a fuller insight to how it all began - a clearer indication how the severity of the events in ‘Take this Regret,’ rocked both their world’s, making the redeeming qualities of it’s full novel sequel, all the more sweeter.


Some of my favourite quotes:

This girl, my best friend. And I knew I was a fool, so stupid to push her. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing her, but I couldn’t stand the thought of not having her, either.

He looked so much like the type of guy I’d sworn to never give myself to. My heart recognised the risk. He could so easily crush me, but Christian had become my welcomed complication.

I attempted to shake off the visceral reaction that had my body itching to take what I instinctively knew would be mine.

I don’t want to mess this up. When I touch you”-he reached up to trace a straight line from my chin to the hollow at the base of my neck- “I don’t want to leave behind any question of how much I love you.”


Another stunning read from A.L Jackson and one worthy of hitting the 5-Crowns.

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