Lost To You by A.L. Jackson

Kelly - 5 crowns

I have just finished this book and felt the need to jump on here straight away and give a review, before I sink my teeth into something else. This book is a powerful story of mistrust, betrayal and Redemption. To say its a love story is probably a little off-kilter, simply because the heartache and guilt that both main characters felt throughout this book were raw and left you reeling within the depths of their despair. Its not often a book can really grab you and throw you into a tizzy, but this one does so be prepared for that little lump to weave its way up into your throat.

I wanted to yell at Christian in the opening chapter, I called him a few derogatory names and wanted to hold onto Elizabeth and tell her that she could make it on her own, give her words of encouragement to help her through her ordeal, which evidently resulted in the start of a marathon read until 2.30am.

We jump five years into the future, and Christian is living the life that he always thought he wanted, but he can't shake the shame and guilt he feels for letting Elizabeth go all those years ago. Knowing he has a child out there somewhere, he feels his life is incomplete. When he gets an opportunity to relocate with his Father's law firm to San Diago he takes it, as he always wondered if Elizabeth ventured back to the home town where she grew up. With a chance meeting of a small child in a supermarket, he can't shake the feeling that the child is his. Taking the initiative to seek out the truth that's been haunting him, he looks up his ex girlfriend to find she only lives a few miles away.

From here we see a heart wrenching story unfold. Written in first person with both characters sharing the pages, we get a front row seat of each character and their inner emotions and thoughts, confusion and despair - guilt and shame pours through the pages, delivering an incredible story that will stay with you long after the last word has been read.

The child is adorable, I simply loved her and she brought a refreshing innocence to a book that is ridden with afflicted emotions.

The only one small gripe I had was towards the 80% mark, Elizabeth's denial of how she felt grated after a while. I can appreciate that she was guarded and scared of letting it all go - she was a tough cookie and stuck to her guns, whereas with a Hottie like Christian, I would have failed - dismally! I think thats kind of the point though, as the reader you want it to work out for them, but overall I'm pleased how the story progressed at the end.

Take a chance on this one, I am giving it a worthy 5 stars because I found it to be very believable and very enjoyable.

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