Losing it by Cora Carmack

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Awwwwwww..... This book is just awwwwwww! What a sweet enjoyable read! 

Joanne - 5 crowns


Very sweet, often funny story....easy read that doesn't disappoint

Kelly - 5 crowns

A fun, light-hearted, quirky ‘quick’ read that, at times, had me laughing out loud.

Bliss Edwards was a young twenty-something college student, studying theatre and the dramatic arts. Her life was satisfying, her circle of friends supportive, especially when it came to taking part in shots of tequila and making a complete arse of one-self in pub car parks. But… something was missing in Bliss’ life – actually… no, scrap that, something was still very much, ‘intact.’

Being a virgin wasn’t a virtue that Bliss wanted to play a part in anymore, the idea of being the only girl left in college yet to explore the possibilities of carnal knowledge was becoming more of a burden, and started to consume her thoughts on a daily basis.

When Bliss advises her best friend of her little ‘problem’, she makes it her life’s mission to help Bliss, once and for all to alleviate the issue, so she can move on with her life as a fully fledged woman.

Attending the local pub, Bliss scouts out the local talent, including the cute bartender who is more than happy to ply them both with copious amounts of tequila and JD and coke. As the evening wears on, Bliss comes to the realisation, that tonight is not the night to lose her unwanted virginity, and makes the decision to high-tail it to the bathroom before making her way home. That is, until she spots him around the corner. Sitting at a table, alone, reading Shakespeare.

He is Garrick. Sandy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a muscular body and with a British accent to boot. Smack down the gavel, Bliss is sold! She wants him, and after a good bantering, Garrick makes it very clear that he is also very interested in Bliss.

As he takes her home on the back of his Motorcycle, Bliss knows this is it. Until… she burns her leg on the exhaust pipe, and Garrick gets given the task to play nurse. Eventually, as things turn heated, Bliss can’t help but think this wasn’t how she envisioned losing her virginity, and bails at the last second.

Humiliated and embarrassed, she finds comfort in believing that she won’t have to see him again. Nobody has to know what happened, nothing ‘LOST’ nothing gained. Well, that is until the next day, when she walks into her first class of the new semester and sees him standing there.

Oh God, Oh No…

Oh Hell Yes! He is Mr Garrick Taylor, her new Professor…


Wow, what a pleasant way to spend a Sunday. I absolutely loved this short story; it was quirky, fun, entertaining, and a nice build up to what becomes an inevitable situation. But… then why not 5 stars?

Because it started great and ended great, but it dulled a little in the belly. Even though the pace was good, as it was a shorter novel, I felt that it could have moved a little quicker, and Bliss questioned everything.

Sometimes her actions went against what we know about her character, and at times she came across a little moody and judgemental. Nevertheless, I liked her, and Garrick was swoonworthy book boyfriend material. Makes me wish I went to college… ;)

A well-written, self-published story that managed to raise a smile and a chuckle or two. So I am crediting this book with a well-deserved 4 crowns

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