Londyn Falls by Jennifer Domenico



He makes me want to ease his sorrow. To know what broke his heart. To help him heal. When he’s near, my breath catches, my heart races, my body sings. His very presence ignites my soul with desire. 
All I want is to love him. 
I just wish he knew it. ~ Londyn Harper 

She makes me want to open my heart. Ask her to love me. Tell her my secrets. She makes me want to try again. When she’s near, my heart begins to heal, my body yearns to touch her, the darkness disappears. 
All I want is to love her. 
I just need to tell her. ~ Luca Di Roma 

Londyn thinks she could never get a man like him. Luca fears if she learns his secret, she will run. Does he have what it takes to love her? Could she love him back?

Emma - 4.5 Crowns

This is the story of love, loss and redemption. This is Londyn and Luca's story.

Londyn Harper is a 25 year old Brit, living in Boston. Having 2 Masters degree's though doesn't mean she is any closer to knowing where she wants her career path to take her. When her Brother Devon sets up an interview as a Professor's assistant at Harvard where he himself works, she decides to go after it with gusto. This isn't just any old professor though, this is the infamous Luca Di Roma, at 35 he is one of the youngest ever department heads at Harvard and a teacher of Italian studies. Renowned for his difficult and aggressive behaviour, he has a tendency to go through assistants at a rate of knots. Londyn is determined to not fall into that category, so when she gets the job she goes about proving to the hot headed Professor that she can be the best assistant he could wish for.

Luca is brilliant at his job, but very little else. He lives with sorrow and guilt and isolates himself from relationships and his family. He has created for himself a world of hurt and he wallows in it. He knows he is seen as a tyrannical boss but he has no time for concerning himself with other peoples opinion of him. Why should he, know one could think any less of him than the way he see's himself. Until a shining light slowly starts to brighten his world, giving as good as she gets and most importantly giving him hope. She is too good for him, but maybe just maybe she can be everything he needs to let go of the ghosts that haunt him and the guilt that is suffocating his life.

This was my first Jennifer Domenico book and it certainly won't be my last. I love a good romance and this book has it in spates. The two characters that Jennifer has created are just beautiful and so very perfect for each other. They balance each other out in the most breathtaking way.

Londyn is a old soul, her interests leave her with little in common with her peers and this makes her feel boring, dowdy and full of self doubt. Luca well what a man. He comes across as harsh and abrasive to begin with, but you start to understand him more when you realise he has suffered tragedy and loss.

This is a real slow burn of a romance, no insta-love in this book. Jennifer just ramps up the tension steadily and slowly, giving you real butterflies and making your heart flutter. The book has a real intellectual and poetic feel to it, and although at the end I felt the that the are, that you are and that we are became a little repetitive; it was nice to read something that felt more like a classical romance without the language that we have come to expect in modern storytelling.

My only bug bear was the language that Londyn, Devon and Madeline used. Being a British, it felt less like how we actually speak and phase things and more like the stereotypical view of a plummy British accent. Honestly though that is just me splitting hairs, it doesn't take away from the beautiful story that Jennifer has created.

I hope after the epilogue that we may get to hear about this group of friends/family more in the future. Devon and Madeline would be a great read as would Nico and Candace. Only time will tell.

If you are in need of a classical romance with a real intellectual feel and told in a very beautiful and poetic way, this is a MUST READ!


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