Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde


Eighteen-year-old Devin McKay is a complete and total emotional wreck. Fresh out of high school and on her own for the first time in her life, she’s reeling from rejection of a relationship gone very, very bad. Emotionally battered and tormented by the pull of her narcissistic first love, she wants to make a clean break in a small mountain town where he is everywhere... with his new girlfriend. 


Ronin Andrews is still battling his own cataclysmic ghosts. He recoils from anything heartfelt, choosing instead to work hard and live wild. Outside of his job, parties and causal hooks-ups are his life until Devin walks in. With her short skirt and her sad green eyes, he can’t help but want her… badly. His protective streak wants to provide her with a haven, to shelter and sustain her. Through a flash of torrid intensity, they struggle to be friends... just friends.


She relies on him to nourish her shattered soul and shield her heart from the clawing, gnawing loss that has consumed her. Before long, the attraction proves too tenacious, and the passion between them becomes undeniable. But will the shadows of the past prove too much to overcome?



Kelly - 4 Crowns


Sibylla Matilde has successfully and articulately delivered a passionate, heartfelt and endearing story of friendship and newfound love on the rebound. I enjoyed every sinfully hot second of it. – Kelly, Perusing Princesses.


I just love friends to lover romances. It’s always a joy to play witness to the growing differences in what it is to be a friend, a solid support, a crutch to another when in time of need, for it then to gravitate into an intimate relationship just appeals to me greatly. Experiencing that connection to the characters on two separate levels - both emotionally and physically makes for such a fun and compelling read. Well, I can tell you that Little Conversations is that book!


Devin thought she had it all - popularity, good grades, and the love of a man whom she hoped to spend forever with. Jake was the love of her life, her first in everything. So when Jake drops the biggest bombshell of all, she cannot accept that the relationship she thought they had could just crumble like the Earth’s rock, her world falling away beneath her feet. Whatever Jake has done, the promises he broke, her heart will only ever beat for him. Her soul would only ever burn for him. Her love for him so unyielding that she makes a promise to forever stand by his side, even though he continues to stand by another. She is in limbo, and it hurts. It kills her every damn day.


Ronin can’t help but find the girl with the sad eyes enchanting. When he notices the tears as she hightails it out of his house during a party, the cause immediately evident when he clocks Jake, her ex-boyfriend arriving with another girl. He takes it upon himself to help Devin out by telling Jake and his muse to leave. After all, he still remembers what it feels like. Kim ripped his heart to shreds and stamped on it with her 6-inch heels, and he has never quite gotten over it.


Devin is grateful to Ronin - the notorious party going playboy and it isn't not long before a solid friendship forms between them. They talk about everything; from the hurt and pain of a love lost, to mythical greek star constellation tales to stellar pink cocktail making skills, Ronin becomes her ray of light in a world so dark.


Ronin is the kind of guy that every young woman needs in her life. The knight in shining pick up truck that comes to the aid of ‘so-called’ friend who is broken and tormented due to a manipulative relationship gone bad, that she is blinded to the beautiful man in front of her.


Well…that is until one night, when Devin and Ronin have too much to drink at another party, and she finds her eyes start to open for the very first time…




That little white towel has a lot to answer for! Holy Smokes Batman, the boy is HOT. I mean seriously HOT! Ronin has undoubtedly made the book boyfriend list. I wouldn’t be too hesitant in sticking him up near 'Kellan Kyle' territory. Trust me, you cannot help but fall for this guy, even his overuse of the word ‘honey’ was totally forgivable. I’d forgive him anything, if he just lost that damn towel! ;)


But with the good, comes the bad and there were times I wanted to punch Jake in the face. He is a despicable character that manipulates and bullies and I hated him. HATED HIM! Poor Devin, I felt so bad for her in the beginning, then in the next breath I wanted to shake the ever-loving shit out of her. I wanted to scream, ‘Open your fucking eyes, woman.’ Her suffering blinded her, but her continued desire to succumb to Jake’s every whim threw her into a dark cavernous pit of pain. Talk about torturing yourself! But, alas, MY boy Ronin in his little white towel comes to the rescue and pulls her out the pit of despair.


Of course, this story is more than a hot guy in a white towel. It is more than hot passionate incredible sex. It's also a story of friendship, forgiveness, hope and everything in-between. The characters were well written, the dialogue was good, and the flow was spot-on. This is a very admirable debut by Sibylla Matilde and I highly recommend that you read it!





Perusing Princesses
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