Leo's Chance (Sign of Love, #2) by Mia Sheridan

Kelly - 5 crowns

BOOK REVIEW – Leo’s Chance (Sign of Love, #2) – Mia Sheridan


I am so pleased that I didn't rush this book. I took my time, I savoured every word, every sentence, every emotion it evoked was like a sonnet as this beautifully constructed literary masterpiece and all its depths weaved itself deep inside my soul. My book loving beating heart feels light and happy - an incredible feat considering this is a Leo re-read from the male perspective.


I wasn't sure at first if Mia Sheridan was going to maintain the credibility and beauty of Leo by re-releasing it, but I should never have doubted her or her raw talent because she not only surpassed my expectations, but she excelled where others have failed!


Jake's voice gave an all new perspective and filled in many of the blanks and answered the myriad of questions as to why he said and did the things he did. Let's be honest, nobody likes a liar but the reasoning’s behind his actions were given justifiable cause and I couldn't help but feel my love of his character deepen because of it. Leo was a boy so lost and Jake, a young man so manipulated it was hard not to feel protective of him, even through the many faults of his actions.


I am also greatly surprised my kindle didn't come face to face with a wall at one point too as I wanted to scream at a couple of the female characters in this book, especially his ‘adoptive’ Mother, as some of the darkest of subject matters arise in this heart-wrenching story.


Of course it's a love story, but this book also gives a deeper, more profound message and that is;

‘No matter where you come from, and no matter what wrongdoings you have been subjected to in the past, life is what you choose to make it in the future.’


Mia Sheridan related this message loud and clear, in all her wise and raw talented debut glory.

…and because of this

I choose you! ;)


Evie and Leo 4Eva.<3


The epilogue is something of beauty. It was a fitting end to, what has been at times, an arduous journey that had me reaching for those tissues. My heart feels lighter and my soul will carry the residue of these characters for a very long time to come.


Oh and finally... a huge shout out to Dr. Fox! That man filled my heart with warmth and I got real Daddy vibes from him. Loved him and everything he stood for. I loved the way he nurtured our boy, guiding him, supporting him and making him feel a person of worth. He was the true hero in this story.


5 rooftop gazing Stars and gleaming crowns.

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